Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fetus Envy

Sorta Freudian, sorta screwed up. Anyway....As you well know, my older sister is pregnant. Very pregnant.
But what you don't know, is that my sister-in-law Liz is ALSO pregnant! Due in June.

Also, FIVE of my friends are currently pregnant.

I don't have pictures of the other two, but trust me...they exist.

That's not including the blogs I read that are currently expecting, just the people I actually know. Holy Crap, what is in the water people?!

I buy baby socks and hats every time I see them, I can't help it, and you know what...I'm pretty sure there is no such thing as too many onesies. Sometimes all the baby talk and tiny shoes causes me to break out in a fit of fetus envy.

But then I remember this...

...and that fit subsides. Because...well, I'm sure you can see for yourself. Horrors.

UPDATE: I just remembered..I posted that picture on facebook, just for kicks, and got this message from one of Matt's good friends Anthony...

" that looks more like it could be our kid. this baby is totally hideous by the way. what's hilarious is that cindy and i tried this and our baby came out white with dirty blond hair and bluish green eyes. . .kind of like it could be your baby. eerie."

Interesting...since this is what Anthony and Cindy look like...
That website is whacked out, I believe.


  1. Aw come on, you know that even if it is a ugly baby you will still love it!!!
    Besides Jacko needs some company.

  2. It's like baby swap, via internet. Weird. And 7 people you know are pregnant?! Wowzers. Guess you guys breed up there in the country.

    What are you waiting for???? LOL.

  3. That's so funny. I tried it myself. The first baby was so cute, I made the mistake of trying less flattering pictures of me and Achilles.

    Never again.

  4. Oh there is DEFINITELY something in the water...and unless you're ready for it? You should drink Ginger Ale. LOL

  5. Er.. I actually think the baby looks very cute!

    So, are you trying to tell us something here?.. about expecting babies, I mean?

  6. haha no no, at least, im 99% sure there is no baby in my future, well okay, there are like...7 babies in my fute, but none of them will be mine. I was just struck with the fact of how MANY of my friends and family are suddenly pregnant!

  7. OMG, that is hilarious! I need to give tha a try and see how they compare to my actual children. I always come up as an old Chinese man when I do those photo sites.

  8. oohhh, I think there's definately something in the water. You better be careful. Or send me a glass a water. Haha!

  9. I agree! Oh my gosh. I am even thinking about it :-/ LOL. I need to drink less water then.

    Try that web site using your baby pics, not your adult pics. That actually gives you kind of a better result. Still creepy, but not as bad.

  10. YOUR NEXT!!!!!

    Of course I am only joking but I know your getting that a lot right!? I know I was and still am. Just because the entire population is having babies does not mean that I have to! Ah I am dreading thanksgiving dinner!

  11. Lol that site seriously is crazy, did you know you can even combine pets and come out with babies . . .with cat eyes?

    I highly suggest if you want to try again, take two pics of the two of you at similar YOUNG ages. Lol, don't take the same pics as you did for makemebabies lol or you'll end up with a pic that looks like your man in drag! hah!

  12. That is the FUNNIEST thing I have ever seen. I nearly spewed OJ out of my nose.

    Oh and I know at LEAST 3 people that are pregnant and 2 that just had babies. Green with envy.


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