Thursday, November 6, 2008


I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our household.
I have been wanting to get another puppy, you know, as a playmate for Jaco. Matt thinks this is a bad idea so we compromised on a fish.
But we might need to rethink that "playmate for Jaco" idea.
And yes, I realize that pictures make it look as if I am keeping our fish in a small sauce pot. This is not true, don't believe the hype. I WOULD NEVER! He has a bowl, I swear.


  1. How exciting! Or actually, how calming ( I hear fish are very calming). I'm guessing he's french?

  2. oh are so charming, so handsome, so going TO BE COOKED! GET OUT OF THE POT!!!!!!!!!

    he is wonderful Scruff!

  3. But poor pauvre Francois is so lonely... he needs a Francoise as a playmate...

    Jaco has at least got you and Matt...

  4. Ooh he is a nice one! Good compromise :-) And I love the new look of your blog Bekah! (Which gives away how long it's been since I have been able to hop over here, though I have been keeping up with you via Twitter and my Google Reader! I blame grad school.) Hope you're having a great fall! Cheers, Jen xx

  5. oh la la Francois! How debonair you are! lol Fish are fun. I had to finally say no to my fish tanks and gave them up because I cried every time one died. No worries though. We gave the fish to my brother in law 2 years ago and some are still alive!
    Ladyfi...although it would be nice for Francois to have a playmate...sometimes putting 2 betta fish in the same tank or bowl isn't such a good idea. :(

  6. Oh I love Betas! I had one that lived 5 years! (unheard of) her name was Sharkie. I loved that little fish. I also had two males, they were like yours. You will love him. I kept mine in a vase, I found they were prettier than those ol pans...I mean fish bowls. You can get them in any size. Ha! I won't cut my hair till I have to. I will have a bun, like granny!

    I sent your prizes off yesterday! Something is on it's way to your home!!

  7. Blue beta? I always had one growing up, and desperately loved them as subsitutes for a cat and a dog. Allergies!

    The poor things would always expire when we left them with someone else on summer vacation. What a sad, comeback.


  8. I love bettas! They're like the dogs of the fish world.

  9. Be careful about getting your Beta a friend. Sometimes they like to eat each other. Bad friend! So if you do, put them in separate bowls. Or pots....

  10. Hi Francois! I have a Beta too...gave him a total redneck name...Bubba. He's living in our kitchen right now he's so much fun to just sit and watch.


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