Thursday, November 20, 2008

The House of Mouse...Oh Lord

Recently someone began to follow me on twitter. Someone called 'House of Mouse'. Little did I know that clicking on the link to their etsy shop to begin my long descent into the world of internet addiction. No, we aren't talkin' XXX here people. We are talking House of Mouse.

I love mice, it's a little known fact about me. 'Cause I'm sure you couldn't tell by the name of my website or anything. I used to have pet mice, I loved them dearly. It ended badly though, in a strange cannibalistic murder-suicide. I think it was a death pact, they were so in love that they were going out together! Goodbye cruel world!!

I'm getting sidetracked again. Anyway...House of Mouse. I might ask for one for my upcoming birthday. We shall see.

Are you ready for this? Are you sure? This is what occupies the House of Mouse.

Oh Dear Lord, it's Indiana Jones Mouse.

Adam and Eve Mouse. Help me Rhonda.

Gasp! Harry Potter Mouse! Expelliarmus! You all just realized what a dork I am didn't you?
Dusty the Traveling Mouse. How do I love thee, let me count the ways. Well there is your suitcase, your map, your pink fuzzy ears and your sweet little whiskers. I should stop.
Oh my word. I have nothing to say. Edward Scissorpaws has rendered me speechless.
And oh! My childhood favorite! Robin Hood Mouse! Look at the tiny bow and his quiver of arrows. You should really visit their website, there are so many. Frida Kahlo Mouse, Chewbacca Mouse, Hannibal Lecter Mouse, Yoda Mouse. It's enough to make a hormonal woman cry I tell ya! Or so I have heard...

Ahem..sniff...anyway...what are your favorite etsy shops? Do you etsy? You should, trust me, there is nowhere like it for one of a kind gifts, because let's face it, we all have enough Mary Kay lip balm to go around. Or is it just me that gets that every year.

Where are you doing most of your holiday gift shopping?


  1. those are the cutest mice i've ever seen!

    i love etsy & i'm planning on opening my own shop someday. i just need to figure out what i want to create first... ;-)

    in the meantime, i will definitely be doing some holiday shopping there.

  2. I agree, the mice are too much! I love etsy, and there are too many shops there to mention, but I plan on doing some X-mas shopping there and will inevitably spend hours tolling all there is to offer.

  3. gah! Edward Scissorpaws?! MUST HAVE!!

    I don't have any particular favorite Etsy shops. I click over there and surf for what turns out to be hours!

  4. What IS Etsy? It still hasn't hit us over here in Europe.

    But, oh, those mice are too adorable for words. Must have Harry Pawtter...

  5. I used to make mice almost like that, we used them to decorate the christmas tree. They are so cute, and just how many are you going to order?


  6. BTW, forgot to say that I like your new look! Especially the flowers and leaves curling in over the sides...

  7. those are so FREAKIN cute!

    I love rats. I used to have some as pets. :)

  8. Those are so super cute!! I'm not a big mouse fan, but those are adorable. I did have a hampster growing up though, so I do have a soft spot for those little guys. :)

  9. Ohh - I love buying presents for people. It's really one of my weaknesses. My husband has put a severe limit on what I can spend so I had to come up with something small but still thoughtful.

  10. OMGoodness! I LOVE those little guys! How adorable! I can picture a very mice Christmas tree! :)

  11. OMGoodness! I LOVE those little guys! How adorable! I can picture a very mice Christmas tree! :)

  12. Hahaaha Those little mice are the cutest !! lol Adam and Eve! Edward Scissors hands! LMAO!! You will have to collect them all!

  13. I love the Adam and Eve mice. Too funny. And wowzers on your new template. Very nice indeed.

  14. Oh my gosh! All my coworkers should get mice from me! I don't know if they would all think it was as cool as I do.
    I have to stay away from Etsy, as my wallet is pretty pissed at me all the time anyway.
    And girl, I admire you writing every day! My blog is suffering. I have committed to blog more this holiday season.

  15. AHHH!!!! I can see your blog again!!! I have all these pent-up comments that I couldn't post before!

    I think mice are cute too. And I would love to have a pet one. But, right now we're trying to get rid of them from inside our house so we're uh, getting rid of them in the quickest way we know how. (But it's not poison! and it's not the sticky traps where they starve to death! I really thought it through about how we should 'get rid of them'!)

    And Edward Scissormouse? Way too cute!!

  16. They are freakin cute!!
    I love them, I will have to check them out

  17. I think this is yours. I caught him flirting with my wife.

  18. Stupendo! I'm gonna cry! 1. I can see your blog again! 2. The mice are making me very emotional! Dang hormones! So glad to see your handiwork again sister!

  19. Bekah, I just wanted to thank you for your kind words and prayers through this difficult time for me. I by no means think that it was dumb for you to pray for Bridgit, in fact I relished the fact that someone was.

  20. Oh, that is so adorable. LOVE Edward Scissorpaws, that is too much!

    I have so many favorites on etsy, it's ridiculous. I love to do holiday/birthday/event shopping on there since there are so many unique items to be found!

  21. I am IN LOVE with Edward Scissorpaws. Those are hysterical!

  22. Greetings, fellow dork! Loved your mouse post.
    I love several of the etsy sites and I've just opened my own. The sites I love are
    Evie & Me
    Sisters Soap
    Emily Falconbridge

    Have fun with them!

  23. and oo thanks for the links country girl! I will check them out, I clicked one..and OH those cosmetics bags! I want! I need!

  24. they are so adorable! i have to say..i hate little critters but as long as they are fake they are cute!

  25. Oh how I heart Etsy! My favorite shops are Fresh Squeezed Fabrics and Modern June!


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