Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I've Been Keeping a Secret From You...

...and I'm sorry. Very very SORRY. And No, I'm not pregnant. I know that's what half of you thought, but really, it's nothing THAT life-changing.

My secret...gosh...I'm almost scared to write it. My husband doesn't even know! He will now, since he reads this and all..umm...Hi Honey! Love You! Uh...Sorry!?

So anyway...that uh...that secret we were talking about? It all starts with my hatred of winter. It's not the holidays, it's not the snow, it's just being pent up inside with nothing to do, I can't handle it. I go a little psycho. So, in the winter, I find...ahem...
workout videos. Please...hear me out.

I can't handle the ones that are all hip-hip aerobic, or peppy disco work-out, I just have to much pride to even do those alone in the living room. I get embarrassed to make that much of an ass out of myself in front of the couch. No, no, this girl gravitates towards things like yoga, or weight training videos. Youtube is a great resource guys, seriously.

But my secret....well..I found a new workout. And I am thinking of...gulp...signing up for classes at a nearby center.

It's....well...it's....belly dancing.

I know, I know, most awkward girl in the world! I know! All knees and elbows! Trust me, I KNOW! But still...I...I...well, I kind of like it. My hips have never felt this good! Really, I swear. After a course I feel like I really worked out, got my giggles in for the afternoon, AND I feel like my joints run smoother.

For the record, I DO NOT HAVE A COSTUME! I do have a silk scarf that I may or may not tie around my hips, but we aren't even going to touch on that topic.

Did you know that belly dancing originates as a way for women to prepare for childbirth. So all you girls thinking of having babies, get shakin'! And all you pregnant ladies, check with your doctors, but really, the beginner courses are so low impact and low stress, they will feel GREAT.

Sure, sure, I giggle maniacally overtime they tell me to shimmy my non-existent boobs, or my hips for that matter. Not that my hips are non-existent by any means, just that I have no control over them. But I have found a new respect for the female body....uh...I mean, MY body. I mean, I can shoulder punch! How many people know how to shoulder punch?! No, actually, don't tell me, I prefer to pretend not that many can do it!

Sooo...anyway...now that you are all laughing at me and my secret love of the revolving belly, here is the very first part of the very first belly dancing workout I ever did. I challenge you to do it sometime this week. It's Thanksgiving here in the States, and really, is it going to hurt you? Yes, you will feel like a fool, but afterwards, you just might feel a little bit...dare i say...sexy???

What are your workout secrets? Kegels at your desk? Hiney squeezes in the car? Toe raises in the checkout line? Lunges in the shower? Don't be scared, I've PROBABLY done them all at one point or another.


  1. I think its a great idea! It looks fun! I think I'd be laughing too much to actually focus and do it! But I am definately heading over to youtube to check out workout videos. I really didn't know they had them there! I should of known!

  2. I LOVE workout videos! I do them when it is too cold to be outside at 5:00 AM.

    I really like the dancing ones, but that is because I was a dancer for soooo long.

    Maybe I need to try out your belly dancing ones...hmmm...

  3. I LOVE bellydancing! I've taken some classes, and have far too many bellydance workout videos. I also have half my DVR filled with episodes of "Shimmy" that I record off FitTV. It's fun to do, gives you a workout, yet still feels like fun.

    Your secret is totally safe with me!

  4. Ok, now I'm going to have to find a bellydancing class... That looks really fun.

  5. Oh my .. on my screen it looks like the YouTube video has been posted three times (underneath each other) and then I kept seeing double - until I realized that yes, there were two presenters - twins!

    Looks fun - my 7-year-old daughter certainly thought so!

  6. While we're all confessing. Here is my guilty pleasure. I workout the the McDonald's DVDs. Remember those adult happy meals they had just a few years ago? Well, I got my hands on all four of the workout DVDs and LOVE them. The workouts are only 15 minutes in length so, it makes it easy to get started. Then, once I'm started I keep going. Those videos gave me my pre-pregnancy body back.

    I am going to try the belly workout Bekah. I may (or maynot) comment on what I thought. I'd try it now, but I'm a work (at a high school). Maybe later.

  7. I also enjoy workout videos. I found a place near my house that does dance classes and I'm thinking about signing up for them. They do belly dancing, pole and chair dancing. Jeff was REALLY interested in having me take those classes!!! LOL!!

  8. Your so funny. I always smile when I read your posts. Sounds like fun, close the curtains and shake it baby!!!

  9. Lady fi, yeah I saw that too! But when I go in to edit it, there is not one single video embedded, so...I cant find the other two to delete them! agh!!!!

    it really is very fun ladies, you will feel silly, FOR SURE, but really...FUN!

  10. I totally dig workout videos. And my aunt has been trying to get me into belly dancing for a couple of years now. It sounds like a ton of fun.

    Shake your booty girl!

    Oh, and don't scare me like that again!

  11. Damn it, I was just about to say, "I KNEW it! I KNEW she was preggo!" LOL But belly dancing is cool too. ;-) I've heard lots of good stuff about it!

  12. I'm a psycho about winter too and more so now that it has snowed for the past 8 days straight and my children just had their first snow day of their school year.
    I crank the tunes and sing and dance while I swiffer, that's my idea of a work out. I seem to like yours better though!

  13. I love bellydancing! I haven't done it in years, but it was soooo much fun. What a great idea!

  14. Bekah! You crack me up. For the record, I may or may not own the "Dancing with the Stars Cardio" DVD... and I love it. Maks is A to the Mazing. Not that I can follow any of the steps. But anyway. xoxo! Jen

  15. KEGELS! Secretly all day! Supposed to help with labor and recovery and the peeing issues! :) and No ONE ever knows you are doing them. Dr recommends 100 a day. Do 10 at one 'sitting' holding each for 10 seconds! Oh, and it's also supposed to be good for,.....well....I'm sure what belly dancing could also be good for! WINK WINK!!

  16. heh! I love it. I want to find out more about pole dancing but I am too embarrassed to go around mentioning it at work. Especially b/c you know everyone's going to be like "SURE you're just keeping in shape (wink wink)".

    I was on a flight recently and decided to break out my pole dancing class info and look it over. My seatmates were not discrete about noticing. VERY embarrassing.

    Bellydancing is cool b/c no pole is needed, I'm going to check this out, thx!


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