Monday, November 10, 2008

Sing it Whitney!

I am not overly emotional. I'm really not, but I just sat here crying and watched this video on Youtube at least four time, which will probably be at least six times before I finish writing this. You guys have probably seen this before since I am usually the last one to hear about things like this.

I try not to simply repost things I have seen on the Internet here on my website, because I honestly enjoy coming up with things to write here, but the risk on jumping on a proverbial have to watch this. It's just...well it's just incredible.

(Just a warning to anyone who may be working, this has music in the background, turn down your speakers, no one will know, I'll never tell your boss! I promise!)

Gulp. Just for the record, I am not hugging my dog and humming the theme song to Born Free. Ahem, I mean, I am not even moved. Nope, WAY too level headed to be crying here on my couch.

Somebody get me a tissue will ya?


  1. Everytime I see that clip, I get teary eyed. Heck, I saw the men on a news program not long ago, and they said they hadn't seen their friend for years and THAT made me teary eyed.

  2. Oh dear... I'm not feeling all gushy and sentimental.. really I'm not.


  3. Oh, yes. That is a Tear Jerker. I love that clip. It makes me tear up everytime I see it.

  4. I can barely write, keyboard is very blurry. Sorry must go....


    Sniff, snuffle....

  5. I knew better than to watch that...I told myself I would be strong, but I'm sitting in class with tears rolling down my face...

  6. O.K. That was just (sniff) unfair. And the music in the background. Ya got me. Gottagetatissue. bye.

  7. Yea, that just makes my mascara run all over!

    Also, wanted to let you know that I've taken my blog private - so let me know if you want to keep reading...there's all kinds of good news going on over there. hehehee!

  8. I have seen that video several times, and it makes me tear up everytime. Jeff made fun of me for crying over it. I told him you had to be pretty heartless not to get emotional over that one. It's so beautiful, and the music makes it even better!

  9. You big Sissys! I mean I only used 1/2 a box of tissues! he he! THat is an amazing story, I saw it on the news.

  10. I love stumbling across blogs like yours. You are a great blogger.
    I must admit I have seen this clip. I have 2 teen boys that love all creatures like their mom, not that I'm a creature... well sometimes I am.
    Come by tomorrow, not today hehe and see what I wrote about my dad. They are special aren't they? It's veteran's day and my dad was a Canadian Vet. I hope you like it. Keep your dad close to your heart.
    All the way from Canada

  11. Oh, that was awesome... So adorable.

  12. This is definitely Mrs. Kitty approved! I just have one question.... who is that half naked old guy walking around at the end???

  13. Aww...but I had a moment when he ran at them that I was afraid he was going to eat their faces. Way to ruin the moment, eh?
    P.S. Have you seen the otters holding hands? It's freaking adorable.


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