Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sorry Caveman!

We had an early Thanksgiving dinner with out church on Sunday. Not that that means we won't we celebrating tomorrow, or Saturday for that matter. but it did give us a little taste of what to expect tomorrow.
Bethany will probably hover around the dessert table...not that it will have any ill effect on her slim little bod. Brat.

Matt will take an ungodly portion of turkey...
...and eat it like a caveman. (In my head I totally just saw the Geico caveman commercial and pictured him storming out of Thanksgiving dinner because I said my husband was eating like a caveman. Sorry caveman!)

And me? I'll be stalking some pie.
Hopefully it will be Shoofly (sounds like shoe-fly) pie! The picture above is Pumpkin, just for the record.

This is Shoofly. Have you had Shoofly pie? Also, it is Amish I think, and I like to pretend that makes it wholesome and healthy. It's my pie, and I'll delude myself if I want to!

And it's best with a wet bottom. Hmm....that sounds questionable does it not? It does, I know, it's those darned Amish, always naming things like that. No really, nearby Amish towns include Intercourse, Virginville, Blueballs,'s odd.

This post is going south fast. Okay...anyway....

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?


  1. yummmmmmy...i love thanksgiving. my favorite dish is probably my mom's dressing. it is the absolute best. all good stuff, nothing weird like giblets(blech). i also love pumpkin pie...

  2. pumpkin pie, gramma smith's stuffing and aunt margie's sweet potatoes with marshmallows...mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    it really sucks that i have to figure out how to make all of it myself tomorrow! :(

  3. LOL - are those really the names of towns? Oh, how embarrassing... to have to say: I'm from Blueballs but we prefer Intercourse...

    That Shoofly pie sounds delish - lots of molasses so must be sweet!

    Sniff.. we don't have Thanksgiving in Europe.. sniff.. I'm veggie so don't eat turkey anyway.. but sweet potatoes with honey, or pumpkin pie..

    Eat a piece for me now - even if it doesn't have a wet bottom. OK?

  4. Everything looks so yummy!! I get to go home after work and make my pies. I'm always in charge of making apple and pumpkins pies. I think there would be a riot on my hands if I decided not to make them. I get requests for them all year long! :)

  5. Hey new look, or did I miss that to?

    I usually am reading everyone in Google reader, since I have been working such funny hours.

    I like the new look!


  6. I love pumpkin pie and dressing. Those are my favorites!

    So what is in Shoofly pie? Never heard of it.

  7. Green bean casserole, hands down. I plan to make a disgusting display of myself.

    What do they call the people from Blueballs? Blueballers?

  8. You always seem to make me smile. I don't know what shoe-fly pie is, but now I've got to check it out.

    I look forward to my husbands family recipe (that we now make for my family) of pumpkin bars. Imagine pumpkin cake with a cream cheese frosting. Yummy.

  9. My Mother's stuffing and sweet potatoes. Oh and squash pie Yum!!

    I'll have to check that shoofly pie out. I like the name!

    Oh and Miss kitty's pumlin bars sound delish!!

  10. stuffing!! homemade pumpkin pie!! broccoli cheese casserole!! turkey!!


  11. Wet bottom?!? NICE... LOL
    My favorite dish is... pumpkin pie cheesecake, OMFG, you haven't tasted anything like it. So GOOD!


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