Saturday, November 8, 2008

Things I Didn't Know Before I got Married

1. When left up totheirown devices men actually CAN watch football for an entire day, stopping only to eat and poop.

2. It doesn't matter if there are no games of interest on at the time, in which case they can just watch commentary.

3. For some reason, when it this sedate state, they become easily irritated. Because GOD FORBID I distract one of them with my banter DURING A FREAKIN' COMMERCIAL.

Long story short, I am at my in-laws. Football has been on all day. Please send help.


  1. Tea and sympathy are on the way. Hold tight!!!


  2. It gets worse sister---my Dad watches OLD games that were over 20 years ago. That he has seen six times.

    Men are odd ducks

  3. my husband doesn't watch sports. He's a computer tech. He'll sit at the computer for hours and chat with his work buddies. Different interests....same results! lol

  4. A help package on its way.. I'm sending you an electrical storm to know out the power supply. That should do the trick!

  5. Sorry woman, so, so sorry. I enjoy football, but like hockey even more and am very glad that there are no all day sessions of football in this house!

  6. i would rather watch paint dry...u poor poor girl.My DH , watches cop chase shows, scifi b rated movies, funny home videos, and "lets see how you fix the rear suspension in a 4x4" shows. bless us all...

  7. You can either go shopping and buy a treat or put a shot of apricot brandy in that cup of tea.


  8. I have heard that a sexy stiptease works..but probably not at your in laws! Take some books next time! :)

  9. That sounds like pure and utter torture. Thank Gawd that my man doesn't ever watch sports. How did I get so lucky?!


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