Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What Do You Think This Means?

I had a dream last night. A dream that I just CAN NOT shake. It has been sticking with me throughout my morning, and that is saying a lot, I very rarely remember my dreams.

So here goes...

I dreamt that I was back in school of some sort, and that by some bizarre twist of fate I had wound up in a dance course. For our final project we had to do our own interpretive dance.

I prepared my selection, copying it off of the radio onto a cassette tape, just like the way I secretly taped the 'thong song' back in high school.

I dressed for my performance in a blue t-shirt and (gasp) only a pair of white tights.

When I got up to perform my judges turned out to be Stacey and Clinton from the show What not to Wear. Stacey told me I looked fat in my tights, and Clinton told me my performance was "hard to watch".

Which, had this happened, probably would have been true.

I started to cry in my dream but then my dad showed up and was throwing fruit at Stacey and Clinton.

Then my phone rang, and I woke up.

SO...any interpretations???

No? Drat! I told Matt, he said it mean that I have watched too much TLC. Hmph, boys!

OBVIOUSLY this is tied to the cricket incident.


  1. "just like the way I secretly taped the 'thong song' back in high school"

    that is hilarious...lmao

  2. Stacey and the other guy are your sub-conscious. When your subconscious tries to say nasty things to do, you need to ignore it and start throwing fruit (rotten) at it.

    It's either that interpretation or you should stop eating cheese just before bedtime...

  3. I think (and keep in mind I'm just making this up)
    that you are about to launch into something you may feel unprepared for, and you think others may criticize you, but that your family will be supportive (i.e. through throwing of fruit). I also think you've probably been hitting the snack cupboard too late at night!

  4. LMAO!!! That's too funny!! I'm not sure what it means. Maybe you are watching too much TLC. HAHAHAH!!! I had a very strange dream last night too, but nothing like that. :)

  5. That's an awesome dream. I completely enjoyed that, from the Thong Song to too much TLC (which I can concur with! Although, if it had been my dream, I'd be writing a story about people trying to sell their house and finding out how much it's worth!! Too much HDTV).

    To answer your questions: Hubby and I aren't totally planning a family right now, but we've been lead to believe that it might be difficult for us, so we figured, if it's going to take us a long time, we might start preparing now so when we want to, we can be ready (or more ready). If it happens before then, we're OK with that, but it's not likely. If it never happens, of course, we'll have to deal with that, too.

  6. I began to have dreams about home makeovers. Clearly my 24 hour feed of HGTV had a little something to do with it.

  7. the question is...Did you do your dance TO the Thong Song?

  8. Weird! Did you try to google it and see if it says anything? I mention awhile back I was having weird dreams and bought this book called the everything dream book. If I knew what happened to it I'd check and see the significance! Haha. But I dont have a clue what it could mean...maybe its a secret dream of yours to appear with stacy and clinton??? is that his name? lol

  9. I agree with Matt...I personally had to lay off of TLC for a while. LOL


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