Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Christmas Card Debacle

About a week ago, Matt and I set out to take a picture to put on our very first 'family' Christmas Card. Granted, that family is rather small with only two people, a naughty dog, and a fish that will not be making an appearance, but we are a family dammit!

However, I seriously overestimated Jaco's ability to sit still for a whopping 10 seconds.
Here he is biting me. Also, I appear to have a lazy eye, and Matt kind of looks like an old man in this picture, so this one is definitely OUT. Wow, reread that last sentence...what an attractive sounding family!

Here he is biting Matt. Look! Matt's face is getting red, that means he is frustrated. I know this from experience.

Here he is just thrashing because God forbid he have to sit still! Man, does that dog have a long neck or what?! Sheesh!
This one is actually kind of cute, he is trying in vain to give me his paw so I will let him go get the treat we are trying to bribe him with. Hence the licking of his lips.

Obviously, none of those pictures made the cut for out first official Christmas Card, this is where you come in. Which of the following pictures do you like better?

Or do you just hate them both? I like the picture, but I can't decide. Color? Black and White? Black and White? Color? Agggh!!!

If you would like to receive a 'family' Christmas Card from all of us here at Country Mouse (by all of us I mean me) email your name and address to me and I will gladly send one to you!! If you would like to send me a card in return that would be even better!



  1. Color...color...color

    I get 3 votes right?

    Just love your pooch...maybe you can cut and paste him in somewhere?

  2. I vote for the color one too! You are so pretty!

  3. Hahaha... Those first few pictures made me giggle.

    I vote for color too. Great picture!

  4. I'm gonna be the odd ball and say the black and white. But only if it's got color around it. (You know, the wording and stuff?)

    Jaco's pictures crack me up. He looks like a giraffe in the one with his neck all stretched out!!

  5. I like the color one as well - I love the out-takes, how cute!

  6. Well, It is hard to say,I love them both....I will pick color....but you know...go with one of the bad dog photos....they are so cute!

  7. The b and w can be very dramatic and prominent if you have a colorful card. some friends sent a photo card the other day and it was b and w and the only color was in spot color in the wording and the center of the flower clip art. Very beautiful. However, the color photo is just as lovely.

    Maybe Jaco will let you dip his paw pad on an ink pad and he can 'sign' your cards, too, so he feels included! I bet that would go over just as well as the attempted photo shoot!

  8. I love the very, very first photo and the very, very last photo. I know you nixed the very, very first photo, but it is adorable! :o)

  9. I like the color picture better. You guys look great! :)

    I had an experience with trying to take a Christmas photo with my dog several years ago. We were taking a picture with my dad, stepmom and 2 brothers. My dog (a Yorkie) wouldn't stay off the couch since we were all sitting there, so I allowed him to jump on my lap. He sat there very patiently and calmly and just allowed me to pet him. When we got the photos developed, my stepmom was horrified that my dog was apparently "very excited" to be sitting on my lap, and his little "lipstick tube" was sticking out in every picture. My stepmom insisted on cropping the pictures before sending them out, but I kept an uncropped one just cause I thought it was so dang funny!!

  10. I love the way Jaco is sitting up on his two back legs exposing his nether regions for all to see. I like the one where he is licking his lips.

    I have to say: colour colour colour - your features show up so much better in the colour photo! (Although the b/w is good, too.)

  11. Im gonna say black and white. Its classic and cute!

  12. Your dog is hilarious!

    Even though I'm partial to B&W I vote the color pic because the festiveness (don't think that's a word!) in the window behind you guys.

  13. I like the color one, seems a bit more festive. But I think it really depends on what the card style is....which will pop more.

    I like the family shots too!!!

  14. Thanks for visiting my "open house"! Glad you enjoyed it!

    Hope you don't mind a complete stranger voting on your Christmas card...I love the last one in color! Very nice!!!

    Merry Christmas and come back for a visit, again!

  15. Honestly, I think you should send out one with the dog. It really captures the 'real' family. And they're cute. But, if I have to pick one of the last two, I pick the black and white one.

  16. I like them both, but I think I like the color one a bit more.

    And the "out" ones are so funny. I love a funny Christmas card.

  17. I vote for color. I feel your pain with the family picture too. You saw my family debacle a while back.


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