Monday, December 22, 2008

It's the Holiday Season...

Yesterday was the annual holiday party for my step-dads family. We usually groan and moan about having to go, but by the end of the day we usually end massaging our cheeks after so much laughing.

As Matt and I prepared to leave for the party, I called my mom to double-check that I had the right directions. "How did you fruit salad turn out?" she asked me.

"FRUIT SALAD!" I yelled. 'I gotta go mom! See you there"

I had completely forgotten that I was supposed to bring fruit salad. Being the innovative woman that I am, I grabbed a bowl, a spoon, and we sped off to the grocery store. You may remember when I posted this recipe for super easy fruit salad that takes about..oh..three minutes to make. Five if you are in a truck. Not that I would know.

Matt documented it this time.

We finally arrived at the party(fruit salad in hand) only 15 minutes late. The party is thrown by my Uncle Rodd, and his partner Richard. Richard is without a doubt one of the coolest guys I know. He is from Trinidad, but moved here three years about after being kidnapped, yes KIDNAPPED, and held for ransom. Look, here is the article. See I wouldn't lie to you!

Every year the family expands by a few children and husbands. This year there were three babies, two pregnancy (not yet born), and two husbands.

I only got asked a FEW times when Matt and I would be the ones making the baby announcement. Uncle Rodd came to my rescue and said 'They are having a house!"

My sentiments EXACTLY Rodd. Although, I will say, there was a four month old boy there named Matthew that made my ovaries start kicking my uterus. But I told them to hush, we are having a house!

Unfortunately it's not THIS house...I could probably live in that kitchen. But on the other hand, I would never be able to get my husband out of the music room...

...where he is busy emulating Stevie Wonder. I know. So wrong.

This was Brett's first year that the Christmas party, he did pretty well. And see that other guy? The one with his arms crossed? That''s my sister Bethany's boyfriend, Tony. Last year was his first year there, and we all abandoned him with our step-grandmother. It was a hoot to watch I tell ya!

I was trying to take some cute pictures of Ashley and Brett, but Brandon had to stick his big dome in to mess things up AS USUAL.

That's really all I have in the way of pictures, oh, except for this one of course.
No we didn't try to coordinate our colors, and yes, I realized we clash. Sigh...such is life.


  1. Wow - your life and that of your family is like something out of a novel! Kidnappings, music rooms, making fruit salad in a high-speeding truck!

    I love it!

  2. It looks and sounds like you had an amazing time, what a fun family! I can't believe that kidnapping story, amazing! You two looked adorable, I didn't notice any clashing, too cute.

  3. So cute! What a fun family! And you are so pretty!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing some of your family's holiday festivities! Cooking on the go, what a great idea! Happy holidays to you!

  5. You can't say it's quick and easy, until you've mastered making it en route! That's awesome!

    Your family is amazing.

    Your husband sadly tickles my funny bone.

    I also don't think you're clashing, I think you're adorable!

  6. I LOVE that you made that fruit salad in the car!! Classic!!! Sounds like it was pretty fun. I love the picture of you two!! I think you guys look great. :)

  7. I usually feel the same way...I don't want to go, but once I'm there I'm having a good time.

    Happy Holidays!

  8. That looks like a great holiday party, and the fruit salad looks delicious! If you happen to have a potato casserole recipe I could whip up while enroute to my inlaws Thursday, that would be great!

  9. Cute photos of everyone. And what a gorgeous house!!!

  10. awww...sounds fun!!! the next time you talk to rodd and richard please tell them we send our love and will be staying w/ them the next time we are up...haha
    looks like a fun time was had by all! xxoo i miss you soooo much!

  11. Sounds like a fun Christmas! I can't believe that kidnapping story! Holy moley. And the house will be plenty for a while, so tell your ovaries to hush it up!


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