Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More on That Whole House Thing...

I apologize that my posts are getting later and later in the day, as soon as life calms down I'm going to try to get them back on the track in the morning.

Who knew you all were so knowledgeable about concealing holes in walls, y'all have done this before haven't you?? Tsk Tsk.

*I don't have any pictures at the moment, but you can be sure that I will once again shrivel into my usual indecisive self and have to post tons and tons of photos to glean your input and expertise on paint colors, interior decorating, and life in general.

*We will be living right off of the Conewago Creek, I do mean RIGHT off of the creek, our back yard gently slopes down to the water and YET we are surprisingly not in a flood plain.
I didn't take this picture, so this is not reflective of our new house. Also, the creek is much deeper where we are.
*I'm already dreaming about canoeing in the summer.

*I don't have a canoe. Does anyone have a canoe I can borrow?

*We will also be building a deck in the spring/summer, the pre-treated lumber is included with the house. I'm stoked about having a deck.

*We are moving from an apartment complex of probably about a thousand apartments to a small town of about 800 people. I cannot wait.

*We will be about 3 miles from my Nana and the farm where I was raised.

*Hmmm - What am I leaving out? Anything you are dying to know?


  1. YAY! So excited for you! So jealous you will be able to sip coffee on your deck and look at the creek AND go canoing in your backyard. Too fun!!!

  2. Oh congrats! That is soooo exciting. I do go kayaking this summer and it was a blast!

  3. That's awesome. Jaco is going to love the creek! (Won't that be fun cleaning up his muddy paws?) :)

    How many bedrooms/bathrooms? How many sq ft? What year was the house built? Garage? How many acres?

  4. It sounds like the perfect place! I am so excited for you. Can't wait for the pictures.

  5. This is so exciting! I am truly happy for you and Matt.

  6. Wow that is so exciting Bekah! It sounds phenomenal . . . and lol at dreaming of canoeing without a canoe, that would make it dreaming for sure!

  7. That looks so pretty! Have a good time with the move!

  8. How wonderful is that: you're moving out to the countryside! Sounds great! We have a deck at front and back - saves on having to pull out the weeds!

    I hope that Jaco enjoys swimming like our dog does...

  9. Oh, it sounds PERFECT!!! See, good things DO come to those who wait. :-) I knew there was a perfect house out there for you guys.

  10. Wow, even if your house is NEAR that creek, I am so super jealous!!! Jaco should have fun running around there. :)

  11. awesome! call me soon to fill me in k!


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