Friday, December 19, 2008

Philly Philly

On Wednesday my mom, sister, brother and I went to Philadelphia for the day. Mostly to hang out, and do a little something special for my older sisters birthday. The picture above is actually while we were pulled over on the turnpike trying to ascertain our route.

'Cause we are good navigators and all.

We did eventually make it, and our first order of business was to see the Liberty Bell. Aside from my mom, none of us had seen it before.

Did you know that the crack in the Liberty Bell wasn't actually that big until they tried to fix it? Men.

After that we set out to find lunch...we promptly got lost. Again.
We had to take a break in the park, my pregnant sister was falling behind. Did I mention it was cold? It was really cold.

After trekking about the city for about an hour, we finally found it. Jim's Steaks. We had been told they have the best Philly Cheese steaks in the city.

I wouldn't know, since I'm lactose intolerant and all. In some cases I will risk it and get a meal with some cheese, but the last thing I wanted was to be lost and urgently needing a bathroom, if ya know what I mean.

But ANWAY, I loved the place. It was warm and...shiny.

I did try a bite of my brother's sandwich, and boy-oh-boy were they ever delicious.

Even Ben Franklin eats there. Anywhere that is good enough for ol' Ben Franklin is good enough for me!

On our return to the cobbled (slightly confusing) streets of Philadelphia, we stumbled upon this manger.

Does anyone else see anything missing here?
Anyone? Anyone?


  1. Maybe they were being all PC and literally taking Christ out of Christmas? Looks like you had a blast!! :)

  2. Where's the guest of honor at the manger!?

    One day I would love to visit Philly. I'd love to take in all that history. And probably a cheesesteak. Yeah. Definitely a cheesesteak!

  3. Where's Baby Jesus???? Those sandwiches looked yummy!

  4. Love Philly...such a fun town! My guess is that Baby Jesus will make his arrival to the nativity on xmas eve. That's the way it's usually down in this part of PA anyway. Iv'e been to Philly dozens of times but have never seen the Liberty Bell. Good Pixs!

  5. Perhaps they are going to put Jesus and the crib etc. there on Christmas Day, which is what they do in Britain, for example...

    It looks really cold! Brrrr...

  6. Up here in CT, they put baby jesus out at Christmas....since it represents his birth. I asked the same question one day...I thought someone stole him.

    The cheese steak looks yummy- wish I could have a bite!!!

  7. Did someone steal baby Jesus? Maybe it was Scrooge!

  8. Oh, no, did someone steal Baby Jesus???

    OMG, that Philly Cheesesteak looks like it was to DIE For. Really.


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