Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Photo of the Day and a Question

I was told(not asked, TOLD) recently that I needed to bring back the photo of the day, so we will give it a go. I didn't really intend to stop it, I liked posting them, I guess I just got lazy! we go.
I took this while we were in Alexandria for the Scottish Walk. There was this little shop my mom had heard of called the Christmas Attic, and my-oh-my the ornaments they had there were just incredible. Matt confiscated my wallet so I wouldn't bankrupt us on Christmas decor. But I wanted to folks, I really did.

Okay, now for the question....if you have subscribed to my blog in a reader, is it updating correctly 'for you? I got a funny message from Google about being unable to 'fetch' my feed. And while I happen to think the use of the word 'fetch' was charming, I was confused. I didn't know there were any issues with my feed, so spill folks...if you are a subscriber, are you still getting updates at a normal time?


  1. I follow you through blogger, so it's coming up fine for me - fetching, even. I love that picture, so pretty! I thought it was a real leaf at first!

  2. ooo good to hear! thank you Aimee!

  3. I have you in my google reader and it seems fine to me.

    And I'm glad your bringing back the photo of the day. I missed it. :)

  4. I'm one of your blog stalkers and yes, updating just fine!
    I'm a sucker for Christmas decor too. I'm thinking of doing the day after Christmas hurrah sales this year.

  5. What a lovely leaf! I get your update via an RSS feed... nothing was updating a while back, so I had to re-load everything... Seems to be working OK now though.

  6. Come on google, good boy, fetch the Country Mouse Blog, NOW BRING IT HERE!

    Yes, that's a good boy!!! Yes you are. [patting google on the head ]

    Yep, google is fetching your blog fine.

    Great to see those lovely ornaments.

  7. gorgeous ornament...

    google seems to be working fine as far as i can tell....fetching your feed?! where do they come up with this stuff?! ;-P

  8. Beautiful picture. Your feed is working correctly for me.


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