Friday, December 19, 2008

Photo of the Day

T minus 6 days 'til Christmas!!
What is your favorite part of the holidays?

Me? I love my stocking. My mom can fit the most amazing and unexpected things in there. One year when I was three, she put a can of mushrooms in there. For any other child that would be weird, to me, that was heaven. They have a picture of me the moment I pulled it out of the stocking. The awe and wonder on my face is apparent.

The more I tell these stories the more I realize what a weird kid I was. Also, I realize what great parents I have.

Thanks for the mushrooms Mom!


  1. So, there was mush-room in the stocking!

    What a great idea!

  2. that is awesome & i would have appreciated it for sure. i on the other had always got beef jerky which i would proceed to eat all christmas morning in place of breakfast. classy.

  3. Can of 'shrooms in your stocking? Okay, please explain this!
    Best part of Christmas is watching my kids and loved ones open their gifts I have given them. I get so excited about that part because after all I spent countless hours picking out their gifts. For my kids, they still "believe" so it is still fun to mess with them I guess about Jolly Saint Nick!

  4. Mushrooms??? That's awesome!! My stepmom would always put a ton of candy and a new toothbrush with a travel size toothpaste. I think she was trying to tell us something about when we were done with the candy!!!

  5. aww that is such a cute story! the best thing i ever got in a stocking was a pair of new earrings with a note saying i was allowed to get my ears pierced! i'm pretty sure i cried over that one!!

  6. I'm with you, the stocking was the best. All sorts of little presents, they were the best! I guess that is why Santa still comes to my house and fills the stockings every Christmas Eve.

    Have to say...I never got a can of mushrooms!

  7. Oh, puke, mushrooms!!! LOL

  8. Being with you and all the other fam! Also, loved Christmas at Aunt Lucy's! Miss that!


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