Monday, December 15, 2008

They're baaack.

I woke up on Saturday morning to the click, click, click of my camera shutter.

Ew. Go away. Stop taking pictures of me sleeping! I whined with my eyes still closed. I heard a soft chuckle, then Matt said, Open your eyes, hun.

I opened my groggy eyes and squinted in the sun. As my eyes began to focus I noticed something blue on the pillow next to me.
I was sleeping with the enemy.
He found it. I managed to keep it hidden out of sight for months, but he must have unearthed it during the packing process.

Oh yes, the Lava Lamp wars* are back in full attack mode. I need back-up and I need it now. Send advice, troops, and some Baked Lays. Hey, even soldiers eat right?

*You can catch up on the Lava Lamp wars updates one, two, and three.


  1. Does he get a man room in the new house? It could go ONLY in that room.

  2.'s gets dropped off your balcony in a tragic moving accident???

  3. Wake up Sleeping beauty, You have to find a special place for your Lava Lamp! ROTFL! I think I have some door beads left over from a seventies party? Disco ball...he he Glad to be back! I look forward to seeing what you do with your love lamp!

  4. LOL! We have a real Mattsons Lava lamp - red - so I guess I'm not much help...

  5. How can I offer advice? I have elk legs on my wall!

  6. ahh-haa! I was wondering what happened to that lava lamp.

  7. no, no he does NOT get a man room. MATTHEW! STOP FIBBING! He gets the GUEST room for his music room(the man has FOUR guitars, we dont habe room for the lamp, thats my story and iM STICKING TO IT!), but it will still be a guest room! And there is no way I will allow my poor guests to be lulled to sleep by the neon glow of a lava lamp that, lets not forget, DOESNT EVEN LAVA! Eyiyi!

  8. Oh yes, it is SO time to throw that shit in the trash! LOL

  9. OH NOOOOO! Lava wars 2009: Where CM has victory. I'd give you advice, but I see the "enemy" is watching.



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