Saturday, January 24, 2009

Emma, Oh Emma

It's no secret that I have an intense admiration of Emma Thompson. I just...I like her. Well, okay, I don't know her, but she is my favorite actress and after reading what I am about to share with you, she sounds pretty darn swell(not to mention she looks a LOT like my mom! Don't you think?). I first stumbled across this here, but have seen it several other places as well so I am not 100% sure who to credit for it, other than Ms. Thompson herself.

"Dear Fellow Females – I’ve been asked to offer a blog on my new film, ‘Last Chance Harvey’ – which, as a computer illiterate, I get confused with ‘snog’ (British slang for kissing) and ‘shog’ (Shakespearian word used by Pistol in Henry V meaning ‘leave’) neither of which - I realise - is the correct interpretation.

But it is a comment, or view, I think, that you want, and here it is –

I shall turn 50 this year, which is not without its odd emotions and has got me thinking about being, well, old. I don’t mean decrepit, I mean not infantile, no longer so attached to things, no longer so concerned about what others think, no longer so anxious to prove myself – you may know the sort of thing I mean. It was rather a treat, therefore, to play what is – in a way – my first modern romantic lead in a film that is more romantic than comic (although it has very funny moments and is underscored with irony and subtle humour throughout) where I was not required to be stunningly attractive or in despair or in need of rescue, but simply an ordinary woman in her forties living a rather stale-looking life as best she can.

Along comes this rather brash American (Dustin) and he blows a great hole in her defenses (don’t you think we all build them for various stages in life and then FORGET TO DISMANTLE THEM when the danger is past or the trauma has been lived through?). So what you are watching is a sudden flood of real communication (how rare is that?), the sort of communication that shifts the emotional tectonic plates and provokes seismic movement in the soul.

Again, it’s rare to watch this on the screen because you need to be a little thoughtful and not require explosions of the literal kind to keep you interested. I’d guess that’s a fair description of us.

If you see the picture, and I hope you will because I love it very much and am moved by it every time I see it, you’ll notice I am decidedly unglamorous and at least size 16. (A US size 12) I really wanted to look like a “normal” woman, I mean in terms of body size.

Actresses seem to be getting tinier and tinier and I do wonder how we think we can present really powerful women, matriarchs and the like, when we seem to insist upon having such attenuated physiques.

So Kate is solid – probably worries a bit about her muffin-top (mine is more like a desk-top these days if you must know) but can’t find the energy to worry enough to go to the gym and can’t find the time either.

She’s a real sort of person, someone I could relate to entirely and I hope you enjoy her. If you do, tell your friends because the more we can get films like this well distributed the more films we can make about (for want of a better epithet) real women as opposed to (let’s face it) pretend ones.

Warmest wishes to you all for 2009 from Emma Thompson, a first time blogger at fifty"

What a lady.

Now, go see Last Chance Harvey for me, I'm not sure when I will get a chance to get to a theater. Let me know what you think, unless you don't like it, in which case please don't tell me! Please? You wouldn't ruin this for me would you?


  1. I also really like Emma Thompson. She's one of those actresses who always takes on intelligent roles. I haven't seen 'Last Chance Harvey' yet, but I definitely want to see it now.

  2. She is one of my favorites since I first heard of her. What a amazing actress she is.

    I never get to go to movies either, so maybe one day, the video. It sounds great.


  3. Great actress. In "Love Actually", I cried when she discovered her husband was possibly having an affair. She played that scene so well, of having to hold it together for her kids.
    I also like British actress Kate Winslet. She's one of my faves!

  4. She's fantastic, and her 'blog' makes her even easier to relate to, thanks for featuring this!

  5. Love her snog entry! As for me, I keep confusing blog with bog (British slang for toilet...)

    She's my kinda gal!


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