Monday, January 19, 2009

Family in Pictures

They really should know better by now, it's as if they never learn! I think it should go without saying that if I am around with my camera, my family members should WATCH IT!
Or they may end up receiving a special place on Country Mouse.

A place of um...honor.
It's usually that yahoo making some face at me...

..but sometimes it's this one. (For the record...he does not have an overbite like that, in case any cute single girls out there were wondering. Just in case...did I mention he is single?)

I am SO going to get beaten up at the next family night. (Again...a little sidenote, in case you don't recognized the above picture, that is my Aunt Lucy. She lives in Mexico and I miss her terribly. Also...she does NOT have chins like that! She is a beautiful redhead.)

I've got a whole folder full of these fun little portraits folks!

It's just one of the many reasons they love me.
But ACK...what is THAT?
Who put that there?


  1. So I guess if they find out, we won't be expecting anymore blog posts from you.

    You are naughty!


  2. Nice! I hope they all forgive you.

    hee hee hee...

  3. Cute Bekah. Maybe this is why no family lives near me?

  4. At least you are not discriminatory in your pictorial abuse. :)

  5. These are brilliant! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Hilarious! Love your own portrait too!


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