Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friday Evening

Matt(while driving past two teenage boys): Ugh, Pull up your pants.

Me: He's just trying to fit in and express himself.

Matt: He looks stupid, and it's disrespectful.

Me: I agree, he looks stupid, but it's his choice. If our future kid wants to dress like that when he is 17, I will absolutely let him. It doesn't mean I will like it. Regardless of my opinion, unless it is physically offensive, they can dress as they are comfortable.

Matt: No way. It's disrespectful!

Me: To who?

Matt: To society! Kids need to learn to respect the public...(10 seconds)...aaaand I just went to the bank in sweatpants.

Me: *smirk*

Matt: What?

Me: I think you just proved my point

Matt: How does that keep happening?


  1. Watch out, you guys are starting to be married too long. LOL.


  2. Nah if it was too long, he would never admit that it was happening.

    My husband would say YOU SHUT UP. That is how I know I have won

  3. Hah! I love it when I win these kinds of discussions with my husband. I can't deny that he *usually* loses them!

  4. LOL! He will learn you are always right!

  5. LOL Oh my goodness, this sounds like my husband and I. I love it. =)

  6. This simply cracked me up! Your sage wisdom will guide him well the remainder of his days!

  7. I have a little something something for you at my blog.

  8. Haha. When I am right my husband says.. whatever...I love it.


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