Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hittin' the Sauce

There has been a great deal of stress in this household lately due to some housing issues. Apparently SOME of us are using ALCOHOL as a crutch to deal with it.
He refuses to acknowledge that he might have some dependency issues, he keeps telling me he has his drinking under control.
Does this look like the face of someone in control of their addictions? No, I think not.

It doesn't help that he is WELL under the legal drinking age. He tries to pull the 'I'm 21 in dog years!" card, but I'm all "DUDE, you are SEVEN in dog years!"
I'm trying to organize an intervention, but all of his friends keep telling me to give him some time, see if he can beat this on his own.



  1. OH Jaco!! We're here for you pal. Maybe he needs to vent, release some of his inner thoughts. Maybe he needs his own he can post pics of his Mama! :)

  2. Oh he is too dear! What a lush!!

  3. Jaco - you cute lush... Love it!

  4. It sure beats Prozac!
    At least it helps him survive your stresses too.
    Fun pics!

  5. Just don't let him drive, for crying out loud!

  6. You need to help Jaco work The Steps, and soon!

  7. ROTFL! I think the stress of living in an apartment full of boxes is gettin' to him! There's something goin' on around here too. I keep findin' beer cans and bottles in my yard. Even a Jack Daniels box! I have discussed with the "children" that they are too young for such behavior and it will not be tolerated. I get the same look!

  8. Alchi! I say start with a 12 step program and read the bible to him.

    I love Jaco! Save Jaco!

  9. What a little alkie!!! So cute!!! Any picture of Jaco just melts my heart, even if he has fallen off the wagon.


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