Monday, January 26, 2009


You know how sometimes you can know someone and never realize that they have this great talent inside of them?
On Friday evening Matt and I made a trip up to his hometown to see his younger brother, Mike play at a local bar.
Despite the fact that he played at our wedding, I had never really had a chance to sit down and LISTEN to him play. He was fantastic.
There was a great turnout as well, probably around 80 people all packed into a small bar. We're talkin' standing room only. He played for over four hours and crowd still wanted more.
Heh. Why do I think he may not appreciate that last picture?

I was so impressed I tried to take a video on my phone purely to share with all of you, but when I listened to it again I realized I had gotten very little of Mike actually playing, and could hear more of the drunk girl standing next to me talking about her missing car keys.


  1. I think you should still post the video. LOL And that last pic makes me giggle.

    That's so cool you got to hear him play!

  2. Aww how cool that he played at your wedding!

  3. That video sounds funny. You should post it anyway. And what a talented family!

  4. So cool! I would love to go see him, when I'm not gigantically preggers!

  5. well Em, he plays again February 5th, what are the chances you will have had this little one by then? Not good huh? And I guess you PROBABLY wouldnt be okay with a babysitter and an infant huh?

    And the video..I'll work on it, it really is a cacophony of noise, so you cant blame me if your eardrums burst spontaneously

  6. I think it is so neat when people have musical talent. Probably b/c I have none. It always impresses me when people can sing or play an instrument!!

  7. Way to go, Mike! That second to last photo is pretty good!


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