Thursday, January 8, 2009

On My Mind...

1. I recently decided to cut back on my coffee intake in the morning. I realized my body is purty darn dependent on the stuff, so I switched to tea instead thinking it was decaf.

2. It is decidedly NOT decaf. I'm Tea?.....Tea? Coffee?

3. For the last week or so I have woken up every morning missing my right sock. If it weren't for the fact that due to the move our mattress is on the floor, I would think maybe the boogie monster were under the bed, and he liked my socks.

4. Last night Matt and I used some Christmas giftcards to to go out to dinner, then head to one of our favorite haunts...the bookstore. We each picked up two books, I'm already halfway through this one.

5. I really should learn to make books last longer, but once I pick one up I seem to have no sense of time. I get completely lost in the story and the next thing I know it is 4:30 am and my eyes are watering from forgetting to blink.

6. I am making this for dinner tonight. I'm a big fan of squash in general.

7. Sunday, January 11, marked the one year anniversary of the night I picked Jaco out of a little of muddy puppies.

8. Definitely one of the best decisions I ever made...well actually...he made the decision. Jaco chose me, he toddled right up and rolled over for me to scratch his belly. How could I resist?

9. I have been researching Jaco's breed mixture to learn more about what he needs to be a balanced dog...he is a herder...go figure. A herd of animals is relatively hard to come by in an apartment. HOWEVER...we are right next to a retirement home, I wonder if they need any help corralling those little old folks?

10. Emma Thompson is coming out with a new movie...I may just melt on the spot! Have I never told you how I adore her? I do. I really do.

11. I think the lava lamp might be getting surrendered to Goodwill...I'm trying not to get my hopes up though!


  1. I love Emma Thompson too, she's one of my absolute favorites!

  2. The blessing (and perhaps curse) of working in a bookstore is being surrounded by so, so many books I want to read. I need about five more hours in a day to read more! Every room in my house has stacks I'm working through.

  3. I go through books way too quickly as well AND I always am missing a sock in the morning! haha great post!

  4. That book looks great! I actually just added it to my Goodreads list. Do you have an account?

    Also, good luck with the lava lamp... :-)

  5. Love books but don't get enough time these days to read them. Losing a sock - do you sleep with them on, or do they go for a jog in the night?

    Oh - the poor poor Lava lamp...

  6. Is spaghetti squash a winter squash? Who knew? I love squash too.

    I'm almost saddened by the prospect of no more lava lamp pictures...

  7. I too love to go to the bookstore. And the the library. But the bookstore is a great place to relax. I read like you as well. I just can not stop myself and will stay up till all hours reading.

    Off to put Helen of Troy on my TBR list. Thanks for the tip.

  8. Okay, the mental picture of Jaco rounding up old people is pretty funny. Can you see him squarin' off with a determined old fart in a wheelchair? hee hee.

  9. That book looks great! I just might have to go out and get it for myself.

  10. So cute, this post! I veto coffee and tea (well, tea for the most part), but what do I know?!

  11. Listen, I want to go see that movie with you! I keep seeing previews and the thought of dear Dustin Hoffman with Emma breaks my heart! Don't you go without me!

  12. I could go crazy in a bookstore and that book looks really interesting. Can't wait til you finish and tell us all about it.


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