Friday, January 9, 2009

Poo-poo Problems

I've noticed recently that Jaco may not be getting enough fiber in his diet. I'll uh...I'll spare you the details...suffice it to say, I noticed.

We had heard somewhere that carrots were a good healthy treat for dogs, I looked it up online and saw that yes, indeed, dogs should be eating their vegetables as well. So in a fit of productivity I sliced up some carrot sticks and gave one to Jaco.

Jaco refused to believe that I was trying to help him, instead casting looks at me as if to say It's poison...I KNOW.

What is this stuff? It doesn't smell like my treats...
It doesn't look like my treats...
Pfft! Bleck! Gag! It does not taste like my treats!

How could you do that to me? I can't even look at you.

SO FOLKS, that is where we stand. Jaco is slowly coming around to the realization that I am not out to get him, but I'm still having to clean up some not so pleasant...uh...waste.

Any suggestions?? Aside from diapers, I couldn't find one to fit. (I kid, I would NEVER!)


  1. My dog only eats carrots and other veggies when I steam them, the same was true for our last dog. They both liked them as long as they weren't hard. Of course, they are/were both little dogs so I'm not sure if it was just easier for them to chew or what. (You know you have spoiled animals when you will steam veggies just for them!) :) Good luck...hope the fiber situation improves!

  2. What kind of food do you have him on? You could always get the packets of 'savory flavor' and pour them overtop the carrots.

  3. I would just call your vet and seek advice there. ;)

  4. My cat has poo problems-and it's not a nice situation. My vet suggested canned pumpkin (without spice, or any sugar, etc...) mixed into the food-this is also done for dogs (just a couple of tablespoons should do).

  5. Does he like peanut butter? You could always try a little peanut butter on the carrot.

  6. The best thing for Bailey's fiber issues was switching him to "sensitive stomach" dog food. It turned out he had a wheat allergy that was causing his tummy troubles. I'm not sure if that's what's going on with Jaco, but it might be something to consider trying. I hope he feels better!

  7. Charlotte can only eat kibble ( a wonderful choice), meat, and will eat a carrot now and then. Or she gets sick. And I have a mess....and it's VERY unpleasant. Sensitive digestion that girl.

    Clarice on the other hand is a garbage compactor.

    Maybe your boy had a little something he shouldnt have on the sly?

    When I feed carrots...I feed them whole like a chew toy. Charlotte crunches them up and spits them out. Clarice eats about 1/2 to 3/4 of one about 4-5 times a week.

    When Charlotte has 'problems' I make her steamed rice and hamburger/or chicken for a couple a days...

  8. No good suggestions. I just wanted to say this made me crack up because it's exactly how my boys react when I try to give them carrots for snacks...minus the subsequent digestive issues, though!

  9. My dog likes everything - rubbish, beads, paper, nearly all fruit and veg... Carrots can give dogs the squits though...

    Perhaps you're better off looking at changing your brand of food instead. Oh - and add some olive oil to the food - very good for dogs apparently.

  10. aaah thank you all for the wonderful advice~

    He is currently on Beneful Playful Life, but that is a recent switch from his puppy food that the vet recommended for the first year of his life. Its possible the food switch might be calling.

    I have called the vet about it before...and the thing is, (and sorry to be graphic) his uh..stools...arent completly runny, they just arent solid. He had a few tests a while ago, and nothing came back. So the vet said he was probably fine, and like some of you said, maybe he just ate something he shouldnt.

    He, oddly enough, does NOT like peanut butter. He is weirdo that way!

  11. Poor Jaco and his digestive system problems. I know WAY too much about that sort of thing around here, only about humans.

    Jaco eat your veggies!

  12. Try canned pumpkin--not the pie filling, but regular straight pumpkin. A few heaping spoonfuls should do the trick--it works on all my Danes, so I always keep a few cans around

  13. my brother has a bulldog who was alittle over weight. Their vet put her on a veggie only diet. She eats canned veggies (carrots, peas) and when the can comes out she gets soooo excited!!

  14. Poor Jaco! I don't know what other kinds of veggies have fiber in them but I'll tell you my pups love, love, LOVE peas and corn (not necessarily together). As soon as Daryl or I take out our Pampered Chef steamers now to steam up some corn or peas, they go wild thinking they are getting some!

    Oh and I second a PP who said canned pumpkin. We had a vet recommend that once, to mix it in with the dog food. GOod luck!

  15. Oh and if Jaco's "waste" is not solid, you can boil up some hamburger or chicken and mix it up with cooked white rice to help solidfy things!


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