Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Country Mouse/Pack Rat

This morning I found myself going through the contents of the storage box that has been occupying the space under my bed for as long as I can remember, granted, right now it is now under the bed because we have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor like a couple of crack addicts, but that is really beside the point.

Oh! I forgot to tell you, we heard some good news from the house people, or the loan people, or the government people, whatever you want to call them. We should know a move-in date by the end of the week. Of course, I'm not getting my hopes up, I do believe we heard that a month a half ago, but we did learn the cause of this little snag.

The appraiser dude forgot to write down in the house was structurally sound. That seems like a big thing to forget no? Were the walls falling down? Check yes or no. You know?

But anyway...where was I? Oh yes, the box under the bed!

As I went through it, I got some good laughs. You see, this Country Mouse is a bit of a Pack Rat, I keep all sorts of things that I associate with events I want to remember.
Shudder, the sash I had to wear during Homecoming week. What a nightmare! I handed mine off to a boy named Kyle who proceeded to prance and wave throughout the hallways.
Aw, this was a gift I received for my 16th birthday. 'Forever Friends' cute. Isn't it funny how in various stages of your life you make these connections that you honestly believe can never be severed? I thought Michele and I would probably grow up and live in neighboring houses. She now lives in California, and I haven't seen or talked to her in over 4 years. It's kind of sad how that happens huh?

Sniffle, my mom made this for me...I think. I have a couple of these, one is a tree ornament. This one used to hang beside my bed until I picked the backing off, now it just pretty much falls apart when handled.

Ahhh, Newseek Magazines from the 1940's. I picked up a bunch of these at a tiny little hodge-podge store our near my dad's house. I love flipping though them and looking at all the ads. "Armstrongs Linoleum Floors!! "CROWN ZIPPERS! The zipper of tomorrow!" - Was there a zipper crisis in WWII that no one ever told me about?? "Camels always have a fresh appeal for me, they are so easy on my THROAT" Their emphasis on throat, not mine.

Or how about this interesting little comparison -- "This Christmas, give Newsweek, $3.50 a year" as opposed to one year of Newsweek in 2009 for $40.00. Holy cow inflation!

Anyway...back to the box.
Heh heh. I have no idea what could possibly comprise the "Bumpin' Ride" CD I found in the box, but you can bet that it is indeed 'bumpin'!
And lastly...At first I was stumped as to why I had this envelope. I can tell from the header on it that it is from the time period when I was a teller at the back my mom works for, and she sent it in the interoffice mail. But why would I have kept it?

Then I read what she wrote "Hey cutie, hope you're having a great day ( I think this is yours right?)"

My mother had interofficed me a sock that had been left in her dryer.


  1. Love your box of stuff! Why not try to find Michele via Facebook?

  2. OH I HAVE! I just mean...actually physically talked talked, you know? Aside from the "hey long time no see, how are you?" messages.

  3. I keep everything too.

    I have two boxes that I call "memory boxes." They are of things I have found of importance since I was 13. My parents still have anything from before then. I still have cards and gifts from ex boyfriends, my Homecoming sash, cross country medals, etc etc.

    I don't want to throw it away, because if we have kids I want them to see that I used to be cool :)

  4. Aww it's so fun to walk down memory lane!

  5. Keep that box, in another 20 years it will have you in tears. You will treasure what has come out of it.

    My Grandma was a pack rat, growing up during the depression they literally had nothing, she had a magical shed in her yard, that held everything imaginable. Beautiful old netted ball gowns, tin foil, string, lace......


  6. Nothing wrong with being a pack rat! Those are MEMORIES you've saved! I do the same thing. :-)

  7. I just found a box too, and was amazied what I had in there....over 40 years of stuff....saved. Visit tomorrow for Vintage Thingie Thursday for a glimpse of what I found in that box.

    Have a great day Bekah!

  8. I'm such a pack rat too! Thanks for sharing your memories. :)

    And all that fuss and waiting is because someone forgot to check "yes" if the walls weren't falling down? GAH!

  9. I am a packrat as well. I always think... but I might need this someday and then I will have to go out and buy a new one, and that would be wasteful!


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