Monday, February 23, 2009

Exact measurements

Scene: Matt and Bekah are remodeling their kitchen. Bekah sits on the floor measuring tile squares, while Matt puts doors on the cabinets.

Bekah: *muttering* - four, no, five inches, two, three, four, five little dashes past the halfway mark.

Matt: Come again?

Bekah: What? No, I was just mumbling.

Matt: I get that, little dashes?

Bekah: Yeah, these little dashes on the tape measure. I have to be exact.

Matt: Oh Lord.

You be the turned out pretty nice, no? Even if I did measure by little dashes!


  1. Wow! That does look great! Love the grey!

    Also, counting the little dashes is the only way I can use a ruler. For real. You have my awe!

  2. Looks wonderful - little dashes and all!

  3. Wow, I do love that grey. We can't use greys here, it is too grey outside all year round, but back east where they actually have sunny days in the winter they use it.

    I love the look, very clean, and fresh.

    Keep those photos coming.


  4. Great job, it looks fabulous! And I make my husband use the tape measure b/c I can't figure out the dashes either.

  5. What's wrong with measuring by "little dashes"? That's how I do it! LOL

    The kitchen looks FANTASTIC! And oh my gosh what a difference the white cabinets are in lightening it all up!

  6. Everything looks so crisp and clean. It looks wonderful. And by the way...I thought that was the correct way of measureing anything! It so works for me!!

  7. You did that yourself? Great job girl!
    I am liking the gray color more now that those cabinets are painted and have hardware on their fronts.
    What fun for you guys!

  8. Rebekah Jane! This is absolutely beautiful! You should be extremely proud!

  9. I love that blue-gray color... and the cabinets look fabulous painted white! Good job!

    And at least you can count... I mean, there are always worse things! :)

  10. thanks guys!!!! I appreciate all your comments! please keep the feedback on the house coming!

  11. Looks great! I love it!

  12. I liked the cabinets before...BUT...I love them now. Great job. I plan on painting mine when it warms up a bit....any tips? Yours look perfect.

  13. Looks SO CUTE!!! I would have never gone with a gray in the kitchen, but you make it look fabulous!


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