Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Grand Tour

And by 'the grand tour' and I mean 'the short tour' because, well, because it's a small place and some of the rooms (read: BOTH bedrooms are simply full of boxes at this point in the move). But you know what? I'm okay with that. I feel a deep connection to these boxes, after all, they have been a part of my life for almost three months now.

We can start with the view from the window in the back of the house. I apologize for the smudgy looking picture, the weather here has been disgusting recently. But anyway - here is our backyard, complete with the lumber for the deck we are going to be building this spring/summer, and the ever lovely pile of crap we have been pulling from the yard and creek.
Yes that is a chair. I was raking on Sunday and tried to pull up what I believed to be a stick...but NOOOO. Silly me, why WOULDN'T there be a chair buried in the backyard? Duh!

Moving on...

Here is our new kitchen - we have already begun painting, which is really all it needs.
There is nothing technically WRONG with it this way, but doesn't it just seem a little...I don't know...beige?

I thought so too, so here it is now...
The gray turned out exactly as I had hoped it would, and while I know it may be considered a faux pas to paint brand new cabinets, I really loved the idea of bright white against the gray.
This is the other wall. I just happened to have two pictures in black frames that BOTH featured pink flowers in one way or another, so I printed a third off of my computer and popped it up on the wall for now. I think I like the effect! The picture on the far right is one that my cousin Rachael took, I bought it off of her etsy site. If you like it, you can pick one up here.

But back to the house - here is the middle room, one which we have grand plans of making into a library/study of sorts. At least until we decide to procreate and our home is overrun with brightly colored toys and child paraphernalia of all sorts.
Ahh the red box you can see my husbands beer brewing kit -- that is another post in and of itself! We are thinking of painting this room a sort of greenish color. Nothing too bright, but nothing too dark since the brick darkens the rooms on its own. Also...that ceiling has GOT to go.

Last but not least is the back room. I'm not even sure what to call it, the den? The dining room/living room? The wooden room? So many options! It is an L-shaped room that wraps around the back of the house, and most of one side. At first I was thrown off by the sheer amount of wood in this room, I am not a fan of wood paneling in general, so I toyed with the idea of painting it. But after one day here, I fell in love with the rustic feel, the bright sunlight, and just the sheer coziness this room provides.
See what I mean? Please ignore the fact that my dog it licking his genitals...I have no excuse, I didn't see him. So anyway, that is one side of the room... is the other...
I apologize for the light in this picture, there are bare bulb sconces lining this room that I have yet to figure out what to do with. I plan to spray paint the brass for now, then start looking for replacements.

There it is folks! Country Mouse has a little country house, and let me tell you, I AM LOVING IT. I am really enjoying taking this place and making it an extension of both of our personalities. Oh! And I forgot to mention, Matt finally gets his music room/office!

And just to wrap this post up, here is a completely unrelated picture of my nephew Emerson that I decided to throw in here.
Because I can.


  1. That house is beautiful!

    You know I also always had an adversion to wood paneling then I saw it in my in laws house...and as much as I don't like MIL the wood paneling is so cozy feeling...

  2. Looks like you have a lovely house emerging! It's so fun to make something like that your own.

    And Emerson? Just as lovely, and cute, too!

  3. The house looks wonderful! I'm very impressed, such a cozy looking place to live, and I love your improvements on the kitchen! I would LOVE to paint my cabinets!

  4. The house is grogeous!!! Thanks for the tour, so fun!!

  5. soo pretty! i love the painting in the kitchen. i would love to have grey walls with white cabinets. it looks so clean and at the same time warm and home-y.

  6. Oh I love the new house! And it backs onto a river? Fabulous. Hope the dog likes swimming!

    I love the wooden panelling - don't paint it.

    Have fun decorating!

  7. Oh Bekah, I'm so happy for you. I still have rooms to paint and I've lived in my house for over 2 years! You are already way better than me!

  8. I LOVE the house! It looks so cute and cozy!!! I, too, think I would have fallen in love with the wood room. It makes me think of a log cabin. :-)

  9. thanks guys!! I cant wait to tap into your collective genius' to help me decorate the rest of the place!

  10. Congratulations!

    My boyfriend is into beer brewing as well. I just tell him to let me know when he's going to be brewing hops so that I can be somewhere else.

  11. I love the new place! And your right about the kitchen. Just needed a little bit of spice and the white on the cabinets are gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see the updates on your home improvements (especially since I'm in the thick of things myself).

    I'm so excited for you!!!!

  12. I'm loving the new house. I think your right about the cabinets, it looks great. Can't wait to see more pics. Thanks for showing us around....



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