Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Happy Hound

Jaco has a lot of quirks, one of them being agoraphobia. Yes you heard me, the dog is afraid of crowds, and does not do well in public places. We aren't sure how or why this disorder has developed in our dog, but we are trying our best to help him get used to idea of coming into contact with other people without being reduced into a quivering heap.

So far, we have had little progress. So when we moved, we were very worried that he would hate the new place, hate his new backyard, and hate the new neighbors.

Well, we haven't yet have a run-in with the neighbors, but other than that I am happy to report that Jaco seems to be adjusting well. Sure the first time we brought him to the house he planted all four limbs and refused to budge out of the truck. Sure he pooped in the kitchen, but only out of fear.

Now that he has settled in, he seems to be warming to the idea that he has a whole new area to explore, complete with a water feature and geese!
Team Jaco - 1
Agoraphobia - 0


  1. Way to go Jaco! It looks great.

  2. New places can be a challenge. I am glad he is adjusting....he is so sweet! Love the.... pooped on the floor out of funny! He was just telling the house to watch out..he had arrived!

  3. Go Jaco! I just know he is going to love it!

  4. He looks more than pleased. He looks elated! I would be too with that pretty river running behind my house!!

  5. Jaco looks like he's having the time of his life! I love those pictures.

  6. Oh, Jaco, you are so freakin' cute it KILLS me. Love the flapping jowls as he runs! And that big happy dog-grin!

  7. Who needs puppy therapy when you have a big shiney river in your yard!!! He looks very happy...not neurotic at all. But then, so do I from a distance. ;)

  8. He looks like he's having a wonderful time!


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