Thursday, February 19, 2009

Photo of the Day

It wasn't until the day after Emerson was born that I came to the realization that 'Oh my gosh my mother is a grandmother!'

Also...I'm sorry -- but it might be a few days of baby, baby, BABY! around here, I hope you can handle the cuteness.


  1. No problem! You sound like a very excited aunt! Congrats! Oh and congrats on your new move to your home. Looks like a cozy home for you guys and dogs.
    Have fun! Share pics of all your updates.

  2. WHat a cutie! Congrat's on your new home, everything looks lovely...I just love that room with all the wood! Very nice!

  3. I can handle it! Bring on the cuteness!!!

  4. Bring it on: I can handle cute!

  5. He's soooo cute Auntie Bekah! Have a great weekend!


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