Monday, February 23, 2009

Photo of the Day

You think you know a guy.

I mean, you've lived with him for eight months now, so you think you know his little quirks. You know that he leaves the seat up, you know that he eats the inside of the burrito before the outside. You know that he likes technological gadgets almost as much as he likes you, but then you go to put away his laundry...
...and you realize that deep down inside, he is kind of a dork that (on occasion) super organizes his sock drawer.


  1. I have a husband like that. But his only orginization secret is with folding towels. He's better at it than I am, but could care less about ANYTHING else :)

  2. Ah - you've discovered his secret talent! ;-)

  3. Wow. I'm totally impressed!! His sock drawer is neater than MINE. LOL


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