Monday, February 2, 2009

The Weekend in Pictures

This weekend absolutely flew past, I'm still having a hard time believing that it is Monday. Saturday we spent the day at my mom's house, they are in the midst of redoing their kitchen and I absolutely love to paint.

They are drawing their colors from this stained glass hanging that my aunt made for my mom years ago.

Now the paint is not quite this yellow in real life, it is more gold.

Midway through the painting process I was tucked into the corner behind the refrigerator, when I realized it was very quiet in the kitchen. I glanced behind me and saw no one, just their paintbrushes and rollers. They had even left their fuel behind!

Had their been an abduction? Was I the only human left on earth, now solely responsible from saving the population of the world from the menacing space creatures?

Nope, just Rock Band. (Would you look at the stomach on my sister?!)

Once I wrangled some painters back into the kitchen with me (and by that I mean, once I got to play two songs on the guitar as well), we got back to work on the kitchen and got it pretty much finished.

(This is where I would show you the finished paint job, only I am a dork and didn't take the picture!)

Sunday was, yet again, a blur. Have I ever mention that Matt helps lead worship at our church? And that I somehow fell into the position of taking charge of the soundboard and all that stuff? Yeah...they trust me with that big thingie with all the little knobs and cords. So anyway, by the time we get everything wrapped up and put away on Sunday it was about one o'clock, and we had some grocery shopping to do!

I had promised to make something for my family while we watched the Super Bowl, and as of Sunday afternoon still had not bought any of the ingredients I needed. BUT -- I didn't make it in the car, which I think we can all admit is progress!

Can you guess what I am making?
The avocados don't give it away or anything.

As the game drew nearer we all stuffed our faces in anticipation. I think you can probably tell who most of the family was rooting for. Aside from my brother-in-law, who wore every single Falcons shirt he owned. No kidding, that boy is wearing like...I don't know, four shirts.
For those of you who don't follow football, the Falcons were not in the Superbowl.

This is the last picture I took of the big game, but if any of you watched it you know it was a good one. At one point my ginormously pregnant sister actually sprang up of the couch screaming and jumping.

Every single male in the room looked at her in horror thinking that they were going to miss the rest of the game because she would do something silly like go into labor.

All in all, we had a great weekend, including an escapade on a frozen pond that I am saving for another post. This one is already pretty long.

How about you? How was YOUR weekend?


  1. That window hanging is beautiful! I love stained glass.

    You love to paint?...walls?

  2. haha sorry, somehow I hit publish WAY before I finished the post!

  3. The kitchen is looking so good, well done on the painting!

    Looks like a fab weekend!

  4. Now that does seem like a truly fabulous weekend!

    Those doughnuts and avacados look delicious!

  5. Copycat. I did guacamole too. My weekend was a whirlwind too. Basketball game. Birthday party. Superbowl gathering. As long it means spring will get here sooner, I don't care!

  6. My weekend was almost just like yours, just minus the painting (thankfull!) and the donuts (darn it!)

  7. Love the stained glass window hanging. Gorgeous!

    My weekend consisted of walking on the ice with the dog - three times - and getting exhausted. Then my friend and 3 of his kids came round for a Wii and pizza evening!

  8. Took care of the cows. Hubby had to work all weekend. Not too much fun!

  9. Mmmmmm, avocados... And your making my fav! Guacamole!!!

    And your sisters belly is seriously out of control! When in the heck did it get like that?!


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