Friday, March 27, 2009

Feeling a Little Random?

1. This kid hit the 6 week mark yesterday, and I was blessed to get to spend a few hours with him and his mommy (who, by the way, is looking gorgeous and shapely once again!)

Be still my heart!

2. When I went to upload that last picture I found this one as well. This is the "maxi-pad" my sister was given at the hospital after giving birth. Now, don't get me wrong, it's nice that the hospital provides this to new mommies, but seriously? I mean..that would wrap around up to my head.

She showed it to me and I think, for the first time, my jaw ACTUALLY hit the floor.

3. One of Matt's little women (see below post) was waiting outside for him yesterday. He didn't show and I think I actually saw her heart break. She had brought over her Barbie CD player and a Kids Bop album to play for him. I promised her that if she brought it over this weekend Matt would sit down and listen to it with her. How could I not? It was heartbreaking.

4. We have absolutely no set plans this weekend (aside from Matt being serenaded), and I really think that is the best kind of weekend.

5. What is the word on fishing (in your own backyard) without a license? You still need one right? I mean...the fish aren't our property correct? This debate has been raging in our household for a few days now.

6. What are you having for dinner tonight?


  1. Oh my goodness, he is so stinkin' cute!!!

    No plan weekends ARE the best!

  2. He is so adorable!

    Enjoy your relaxing weekend on my behalf! I have people coming in and out of town, which is so fun, but exhausting!

  3. Ok that maxi pad cracks me up. And I have no idea what we're having for dinner... I guess I should start thinking about that.

  4. I'm guessing (but really have no clue) that you would still need a fishing license, even if it IS your own property. Although who would come along and bust you in your own backyard if you DIDN'T have one, right? ;-)

    And WOW, your nephew looks so big already!! Six weeks? Time is flying!

  5. 1. yes, he is precious!
    2. Thanks for displaying my maxi pads to the blogging world. LOL!
    3. Keep an eye on those girls, you know you can right in your bathroom window...I'm just saying...
    4. No plan weekends are great!
    5. I believe that unless you own the pond or stream, you must have a license. (sorry love, but remember who I used to date)
    6. NO CLUE!

  6. LOL! Yes you did! :)

    And thanks for saying I look shapely! :)

  7. If it's your backyard you should be able to fish without a license but if you needed one, I wouldn't be surprised. Highway robbery!

    Anyways, we are going camping this weekend and we will be cooking hot dogs over the fire tonight! Yumm!

    Hope you have an awesome weekend!

  8. The husband and I don't think you need a license. But then the husband said, "unless there's a game warden in their backyard!" So who knows!

    Can't wait to see the pics of the serenade!

  9. Whoa whoa whoa. Back up there. You mean you NEED one of those gargantuan DIAPERS after you give birth??? I'm pretty sure I didn't read that in my preggo books. Lordy have mercy.

  10. He is the sweetest! And thanks for sharing that huge diaper... perhaps your sister can keep it and use it when she's like 125 yrs old and a little incontinent? Otherwise, it makes a great hat!

  11. sounds like a good time...about the, they might come out w/ like 3 eyeballs...i would not eat them if i were you...just sayin cause i love you. oh and i will see you in 4 DAYS!!!!!!!!! can i get a WOOT WOOT!


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