Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Flirt

I have long asserted that my husband is, at heart, a big ol' flirt. Don't get me wrong, he never crosses the line between friendly and inappropriate, but he has got a way about him that seems to appeal to the ladies. He has these bottomless brown eyes, that crinkle ever so slightly when he smiles, and he has that deep, somewhat gravely, voice that can make a woman melt.

He has mastered the art of making the most bitter of grocery store clerks crack a grin. Nevermind the fact that the minute I interject one word into the conversation the clerk turns back into a scowling ogre. Think the scene from "You've got mail" when Tom Hanks charms the clerk into allowing Meg Ryan to use her credit card, and you pretty much have an idea of what grocery shopping is like with this man.

We have two young girls who live next door who are both utterly infatuated with my husband. The minute he walks outside in his work boots and jeans, they are magnetically drawn to our front yard. I have taken to referring to them as Matt's work crew.

Here they are helping Matt revamp out front walkway, which used to be made up of a few cement pavers and a whole lot of mud.

But hey! I mean, there is nothing wrong with child labor as long as they get to stare at the eye candy right?

And I'll take all the free help I can get as we work on the house.

Hey now! You aren't helping, you are gazing at my husband, get back to work! You better watch it kid, I'm onto you like white on rice.

Although I must admit, they do good work.

They oughta think about opening up a landscape business.

"Matt & the Ladies Landscaping". It does have a certain ring to it doesn't it?


  1. That's awesome! I bet they could get a lot of business! A handsome guy and two cute kids...can't beat the combo. ;-)

  2. Oh I love the bricks!! Nice work!!

  3. Hilarious! Hey, free labor can be good labor! I bet the girls are over knocking on your door when the weather's nice to see if Matt can come outside and play. Or landscape!

  4. Awww, Matt has admirers! THat's too cute!

  5. LOL! At least you're gettin' some work out of 'em!

  6. I know how you feel! My husband is very much the same way. I call him a "social butterfly". Friendly to men but flirty to women.

  7. LOL! I bet those parents are glad the girls have got a useful occupation!

  8. LOL. Every girl no matter the age loves a nice looking, sweet acting, man....take advantage of that Bekah....have them make flower beds for you and plant the flowers....but of course, tell them it is for Matt!

  9. It must make you feel snazzy that you landed the man that can get ALL the ladies. It would me. :-)

    And they do a nice job.

  10. How adorable. It's too funny that you wrote about this, last night we were watching an episode of 'I Love Lucy' and it played out something quiet the same.

    It looks like everyone is doing good work on the path. Hopefully the crush(es) will last until all the hard yard work is done, hehe.

  11. he is eye candy...we find ourselves staring at him as well...LOLOLOL ...jk..he is a better watch those gals...


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