Monday, March 2, 2009

A Funny Turn of Events

In a funny turn of events that usually only happens in sitcoms, we ran out of oil late last week. As it turns out, the gauge on the oil tank doesn't quite work, so while we thought we had plenty, we had almost none. The seller of the house kindly filled up the oil tank in January, so that there would be oil here when we moved. HOWEVER, the guys who had been here working on the house decided that they wanted the experience of working in the tropics, and left the heat cranked to about 90 degrees.

So we had been relying mainly on our auxiliary heat, the pellet stove. Nevermind the fact that we also had to have the stove guy out here twice last week in order to make the stove workable (at one point smoke was somehow actually being funneled back INTO the house), but now the stove has given up the ghost as well. We called the stove guy, and surprise! he is in Canada for a long weekend.'s cold folks. Real real cold. This is also why I had taken a short hiatus from writing here, simply because I knew anything I wrote would mostly consist of "I'm cold, I'm cold, I'm cold...".

Oh and did I forget to mention we are in the middle of a snowstorm?
How's that for a coincidence?!
Please send blankets.


  1. Oh what would a new house move in be without some sort or mini disasters. I hope that everything gets worked out really soon. Do you hear the oil delivery truck coming up the driveway yet?


  2. Oh dear, that's just dreadful. There's not much I hate more than being cold. Sending warm thoughts your way! Hang in there!

  3. Oh dear - poor you! When can the oil be refilled?

    I'm sending blankets, hot drinks and some chocolate...

  4. We called the oil company, and they said they would do everything in their power to get a truck out here today, so hopefully we will here a big ol' diesel engine rumbling up the road sometime today...hopefully.

    A snowplow did just go by so the roads are okay...for now anyway.

  5. Brrrr. I hope everything works out with the oil company today!

  6. Hoping that oil man shows up soon. It looks really cold....and a snowstorm on top of that? Talk about luck!

  7. Oh man... talk about ironic! Whatever you do, don't light a charcoal grill inside the house and use it for heat. ha! No really, a couple of people did that in Kentucky when people lost power for a week when the weather was in the teens and they died of carbon monoxide poisoning!

  8. poor thing. hope it warms up soon!

  9. Oh no! I hope the oil company has been out by now! So, how many people have said, "Welcome to the joys of home ownership!" to you so far?


  10. haha thats the first thing my mom said.

  11. That totally sucks! I hope it warms up soon for you. We had a similar winter 2 years ago. No heat, no electric, no nothing. We like to call it Marriage Test 2006.
    That spring.......All our "heating" devices got ripped out put on craigslist and we replaced it with natural gas stove and fire place insert.
    Total life saver this year!


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