Monday, March 2, 2009

A Heated Debate

This is an update to my post earlier today.

Matt: Hi, we were scheduled to receive oil today, and no one came out here, is there anyway we can get a time frame on that, 'cause we are kind of freezing.

Shipley Oil: Please hold. (five minutes elapse) Sir, they were already at your house.

Matt: No, they weren't. My wife was here all day, no one came.

Shipley Oil: 150 gallons of oil were delivered to your house today sir.

Matt: No, it wasn't. There is no oil here, the basement is locked. There are no tire tracks in the snow, no footprints, and once again, my wife was here all day, no one came.

Shipley Oil: Okay, well we will look into it, but our drivers are off the road for the night.

So guys...that's where we stand. I can see my breath inside. Also, I am extremely sad to report Francois (the fish) did not make it. His water got too cold, I tried to keep him warm but apparently I am unfit to even to be a mother, even to a hardy Beta fish. Au revoir Francois, I'm so sorry.


  1. uhh.. maybe they brought it to your old house?

  2. we rented an apartment with electric heat before this my guess is no.

  3. That is terrible! Any way to make them pay for you to stay at a hotel tonight?

    I'm sorry you have to meddle through this!

  4. Wow I'm sorry you have to deal with this Bekah...Hope it gets worked out....My betta fish Bubba has also passed.

  5. So sorry, what a mess! Someone must be enjoying heat at your expense...not funny.

  6. Wow!! There should be something they or someone should do. Its freezing, you did what you were supposed to do. What is you had a baby.....

    I hope they get it to you asap!!

  7. That's bullsh*t! My husband used to WORK for an oil company (as a tech, not delivering oil) and they ALWAYS had guys on call so if there was no oil man available to make a delivery and a customer ran out, the tech would come to your house and put at least 5-10 gallons in to get you through the night.

    OH! And if this happens in the future, Bekah, you can go to the gas station and get 5-10 gallons of diesel fuel and it WILL work for the night. I can't remember exactly why, but, again, my hubby knows his oil. LOL

  8. Did he check and make sure he had your guys' address right?

    I love how he acts like you guys would purposely not want heat!

  9. Poor little fishy. I hate the cold. try and stay warm.

  10. What a lame excuse! Please please tell me the oil has now arrived?

    Au revoir mon petit poisson...

  11. I hope they get it figured out! You should call back and yell. If your pipes burst tell them they will be held responsible!

  12. Oh, I would be sooooo peeved! And I hate when people use that tone with me. "Sir, we've already been there." Dude, I think I would know if I had heat! Sorry you're freezing!

  13. Sad times for the fish. Delicate little creatures aren't they.


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