Friday, March 13, 2009

I Couldn't Make This Stuff Up...

Scene: It is night-time, about oh, I don't know, 1:00 AM. Matt and Bekah are asleep in bed.


Bekah: Huh? What? What's happening? Are you okay?

Matt: Get out of the bed and close your eyes!

Bekah:(gets out of bed) What is going on Matt?

Matt turns on the lamp and tears the covers off of the bed, then begins gingerly lifting the pillows one by one.

Bekah: Matt? Honey what are you looking for?

Matt: I think there is a lizard in our bed! I thought for sure that I saw one.

Bekah: (groans) A lizard? In Pennsylvania? In the winter?

Matt: Just go back to bed.

True story folks, true story.


  1. hahahahahahahahaha!!! I laughed out loud!

  2. Are Matt and I long-lost relatives? I have done stuff like that in the middle of the night before. LOL

  3. Were there a lizard ever in my bed, I would have to move. At the very least, I'd consider having to buy a new bed! Just that smiley picture made me shudder!

  4. Oh my word...I so wouldn't have been able to go back to sleep after that. He must have been having one WEIRD dream!

    I did find a little lizard, chameleon maybe, in the house a couple of weeks ago...he was very lethargic cause of the cold but to my surprise I got a paper towel and gingerly took him outside.

    Pregnancy has had a WEIRD affect on me...kindness to lizards and the ability to talk myself into vomiting. ;-)

  5. I thought he was going to say a 'spider' or even a 'snake'. Which would totally freak me out. But it's still funny that he thought he saw a lizard!!! Is he afraid of them?

  6. There is no way that I could just go back to sleep after that. Yikes!

  7. At least he was thinking of you, telling you to close your eyes.

  8. I love lizards! Now you get to have your own... lucky you! But not so lucky at 1 am...

  9. he isnt really afraid of lizards, I guess it was just a very vivid dream!

    Yeah, on one hand I was annoyed that I was woken up, on the other hand it was kind of cute that he tried to save me from the ferocious dream lizard

  10. Oh my gosh I would not be able to sleep after that!! I would be freaked out!! That is hilarious though!

  11. Oh noooooo.....I did the same things with frogs once...I was convinced they were in our bed. I've never lived it down.

    Or.....the time that I thought a telephone pole was going to fall on the bed and insisted on sleeping on the floor.

    You'll be laughing about it for years!


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