Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Sunset

That's right, MY sunset. MINE, ALL MINE! Okay, okay, I'll share it with you.

We have a large picture window overlooking the creek behind the house, and each night I will invariably walk by the window, see the sun setting, and run out of the house without my shoes on just to try to capture the magnificence right in my own backyard.

It's beautiful.

This sunset alone completely negates the fact that today I pulled a tire, a burn can, and a myriad of beer can out of the rubble in our backyard. It makes all the hard work that much more satisfying.


I could just stand here all night...until it get dark and I got scared. Not that I'm scared of the dark or anything! Ha, no, that would be silly...

(In a completely unrelated topic, am I the only person that is having a REALLY hard time uploading any pictures to blogger?)


  1. Wow wow wow!! Grogeous view! I am super jealous you get that every night!

  2. We have gorgeous sunsets here too, especially when there is corn planted in the fields around us and it shimmers off of the tassles. My camera never catches the beauty of it... but I still run out (like you!) in bare feet trying to catch it!

  3. Such a gorgeous sunset! I could stare at that every single day!!

  4. Such a gorgeous sunset! I could stare at that every single day!!

  5. Lucky you - how gorgeous!

    Don't use Blogger, but sometimes it takes ages just to leave a comment...

  6. Oooooh I love those, especially the last one! The picture uploader thingy takes forever if I'm doing it at my house but it eventually gets there. I usually walk away from the computer and do something else while it's loading. At work it's usually not too bad.

  7. What a view! Lucky girl!

    Me and blogger, we go round and round. It's very cranky at times which in turn, makes me very cranky.

  8. That's beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  9. That is an awesome few. I am very jealous!


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