Monday, March 16, 2009

No Sooner Met But They Looked

No sooner looked but they loved.
-As You Like It, Wm. Shakespeare.

Do you remember your first love? The one that passed you notes in study hall and smiled at you in the hallway? The butterflies, the excitement, the stolen glances? I do. His name was Adam, he was a good six inches shorter than me, had spiky blonde hair and one day at recess he jumped off the jungle gym and bit through his tongue, when they sewed it back he developed a lisp. I've always had a weak spot for lisps.

Well, this young lady is Josie, and I feel pretty confident in saying that she has my little mutt purely and completely smitten.

Here you can see him presenting her with a token of his love, also known as a frisbee.

I mean...this is as good as holding hands right?

Ahh, young love. Is there anything as sweet?

Sniffle...guess my little boy is growing up. I just hope that little hussy doesn't break his heart, this momma don't mess around!


  1. Well, he certainly couldn't have picked a more beautiful girlfriend. And I guess it's true in the dog world too...opposites attract! :-)

  2. Oh, that? That is definitely love! He has very good taste!

  3. Momma always said 'if you find a mate that will share her frisbee, keep her around!' hee hee.

  4. Now that's what I call puppy love!

  5. OMGosh! That is so dear! big now!

  6. Awwww! They LOVE each other! That is the sweetest thing ever!

  7. How cute is that?! And I love hearing about cutie pie Jaco.


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