Friday, March 6, 2009

We're Late, We're Late, To a Very Important Date!

Matt and I have a tendency to be a few minutes late to most events. Matt has no problem being late, I however, do. Being late causes me to feel a little sick to my stomach. I hate it. And I know why.

Back in my high school days I had a chronic tardiness problem. And I do mean CHRONIC. I just had a really hard time getting up in the mornings, and the fact that I walked to school didn't help. The detention aides knew me by name, one even went ahead and brought crossword puzzles to detention with him because he knew that I liked them, and that I would, without a shadow of a doubt, be in Saturday morning detention. By the end of my junior year I had racked up so many tardies that the Dean called my Mom to tell her that unless I served my time throughout the summer, I would not be allowed to graduate. Needless to say, I spent several days that summer at the high school helping the guidance counselor reorganize her files.

As the years have progressed I have begun to feel as though I had "chronically tardy" stamped on my chest like the scarlet letter. I forever feel the need to make up for my wanton ways in high school by being a few minutes early to everything. My husband does not agree. In general, he doesn't mind being late, and thinks that everything is merely five or tens minutes away.

Don't worry, he says. We can make it, he says. All the while I am digging my fingernails into my palms as memories of after school detention come rushing back to me.

Last Saturday was one such event. We had been invited to a wedding that was scheduled for noon. The previous day we realized that neither of us had remember to pick up a card, so we planned to stop and get one before the wedding. C'mon Matt, I whined, we are gonna be sooo late!

Here are a few pictures I snapped on the way.

This was our only option as to where to stop that was on the way...
...because it was already this time...
Hurry Honey!!!
By this point my voice had reached a fervored pitch that set all the neighborhood dogs to barking.
Can't you just see the stress in his jaw?

We ran into the church just as the best man began walking the bride's mother down the aisle. As you might imagine, by this point I was near to tears. We waited for the ceremony to end, then shamefully made our way over to my dad.

"That's my Bekah, always late." he joked. I fear I will never lose this stigma. But on the plus side, we made it in time for the send-off!

Are you always late? Always on time? 15 minutes early?


  1. I think 'lateness/earliness' comes in waves. I'm usually on time now, but we did miss the wedding ceremony of a friend of ours: we arrived at the church just as they were exiting it!

  2. Oh, I hate to be late. I am always early UNLESS the husband is involved. Then he usually holds me up.

  3. I always leave early enough to be very, very early, then end up being late because I inevitably got lost along the way!

  4. I am one of those chronic early birds, actually embarrased to be so early.

    I hate to be late. So does Gar.


  5. This is so me. Eric and I are working on it--it's a perpetual problem.

  6. I try so hard to be on time all the time, but it doesn't always end up that way. It bothers my husband to be late and he's never late, unless it's my fault of course!

  7. Oh man, I can feel your stress from the post. I'm chronically about 2-5 minutes late. But I too feel that same pain from the past. Although mine was my parents nagging in my face at how vain I was because I was always fiddling with my hair before we went anywhere. Hey, a girls gotta look good right?

  8. I'm totally running like Tom Cruise in "the firm."

  9. I am always early...I can not stand to be late, if I think I am going to be late for work, I go home and call in sick. I just can not stand it at all.

    I have a friend who is late to EVERYTHING and acts like she has all the time in the world when she is already 30 minutes late for something...I can not stand drives me crazy.

  10. My husband's family is late to everything! Thankfully he is never as late as them, but when we dated we where always 5 minutes late which I despise. I have been working on him these last 2 years since we got married and are we are now normally 5 minutes early. Yay!

  11. I was too always late for everything. I try so hard to be on time now. I can't be early- I have the phobia if I am first and no one is there that I am in the wrong place or something was cancelled. I stress until someone else shows up.

    But being on time, drives my hubby insane because he likes to be early.

  12. I think it's so disrespectful to be late! After all, being late usually affects the people waiting for you, and their time is precious too... I try to be on time or even a tad early - although it is quite OK for people to be 10-15 minutes late in my opinion... unless it's a work meeting and then it's not Ok because I always have deadlines hanging over my head...

  13. Mr. C HATES to be late and would rather be 30 minutes early. I, on the other hand, like to arrive just on time- which usually ends up being a little late due to traffic or whatnot. I've gotten better since Mr. C and I started dating though, b/c he pouts the whole way there if he even THINKS we're going to be late!

  14. The hubby and I are generally on time or pretty close to it but my dear, sweet, precious mother whom I love dearly and wouldn't trade for anyone in the world is never (and by "never," I mean NEVER) on time to anything. I went with her to a wedding for a highschool friend and we ended up getting locked out of the building and sitting in the rocking chairs on the porch during the ceremony (in the middle of a Louisiana summer, no less!). If my friend and I ever get on the subject of her wedding, I tremble in fear that she will ask me what I thought about a particular detail of her ceremony. So I do feel your pain.

  15. You know, I couldn't imagine having a job that I had to be at "at this time" every morning. I have had mostly flexible schedules all my life while my hubs had a "if you are 3 min late you are yelled at" job. Never got that.

    Anyway, to answer your question, I always assume I am going to be late, so I add 30 min onto "Ok, we have to leave by THIS TIME" so by the time all the unexpected things come up, we're still on schedule.


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