Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pardon My Funk

It's been "one of those days" all week for me. Motivation feels like a friend I may have known in elementary school at this point, whereas lethargy? Lethargy is my buddy this week, whether I like it or not apparently.

I'm not sad, not really, I'm just - you know - blah.

Do you ever feel just - blah?

Maybe it's the fact that it's been raining all week, the creek is a disturbing shade of poopy brown, my dog has tracked mud all over the house(my fault for not cleaning his feet well enough), and I just haven't been getting my dadgum Vitamin D from working outside this week. Maybe it's the fact that I ran out of coffee and keep forgetting to go to the grocery store and buy some more.

What do you do to snap yourself out of a funk? Other than drink coffee or go outside in the sun, neither if which are options right now.


  1. Aw friend, sorry you're in that funk. I have been there, and usually when I'm in one, Garth takes me out to eat. It always puts me in a good mood! Or I go running or exercise, that usually helps too...but eating out is more fun!;)

  2. I read an article once that listed 7 ways to be happy RIGHT NOW...
    Let's see how many I can remember.

    1) Smile

    2) Go for a Walk - get up and move

    3) Make plans for the future. The anticipation should help perk you up.

    4) Clear up around you. If you are at work, straighten up your desk.

    5) Get in touch with friends, email, snail mail, phone call

    6) I'm stuck, I can't think of the last two. Oh well, I hope this helps!

  3. Come visit your sister and nephew!! I love you!

  4. Hope you get out of your funk! I recommend:

    - chocolate
    - reading blogs
    - watching funny films
    - getting outside, even if it is raining.

    - Laugh!

  5. This winter has been hard on a lot of people....I've been feeling pretty BLAH too.

  6. I think the funk has been going around. Last time I was in it, I read all the awesome comments from my most awesomest blogger buddies and it cheered me right up. Plus it quit raining the the sun shined!

    Or ice cream. Ice cream always makes things better!

  7. Must be the weather...I have been in a funk this week as well. I say Drink Up! :)

  8. Oh I hear ya on the blahs! I've had them too lately. Its this gosh darn yuck spring. I really despise this time of year.
    My husband asked me the other night what would motivate me and I told him "warm weather".

  9. I'm feeling the funk too. Make someone a home made card. It'll make you feel good to make them feel good.

  10. I just usually ride it out. If I get a chance to go see my horse, or the sun comes out, that cheers me up. Or I go shopping...retail therapy works pretty well, LOL!


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