Thursday, April 16, 2009

Taking the News

A few concerned readers have asked how Jaco has taken the news that he is no longer going to be an only 'child'. I hadn't really broken the news to him yet, so I decided to sit him down and have a heart to heart about the baby on the way.

Jaco? There's something I have been meaning to tell you! It's very exciting!

OOOOhhhh tell me more.

We are going to have a baby! You are going to have a new person in the house to play with!


Jaco, no, that's not nice.

(Muttering) I'll tell you what's not nice. Nobody cleared this with ME.

Excuse me mister? What did you just say?

(Big sigh, flops on the ground.) Nothing.

You better watch that attitude mister! Or I'm letting this child give you a haircut!


So folks, Jaco did NOT take the news well. Behavior like this might just earn him a BATH.


  1. Ha! I'm sure he'll come around. ;-) He'll make a GREAT big brother!

  2. Oh. My. I can just imagine my two pups not being exciting about having to share attention with anyone!

    I agree, Jaco will come around....what choice will he have!!

    funny post Bekah, loved it.

  3. Haha love it! He'll love his baby when (s)he gets here.

  4. hee hee. I can just see all Jaco's friends telling him horror stories about new babies in the house- pulling ears, pulling his tail...

  5. He'll come around. Just make sure when the baby comes that you take something that smells like the baby home for Jaco to smell, before you bring the baby home....That's what my aunt and uncle had to do with there dogs when their first son was born.

  6. Love it! You're already practising your parenting dialog skills I see! ;-)

  7. oH Jaco! He will be great!

    Snowy peed right in front of Emerson's bouncer, WHILE HE WAS IN IT, and WHILE IT WAS ON OUR BED!!!!!

  8. Poor Jaco!! He won't be the center of attention anymore. I think he'll warm up to the idea though. He'll have someone who will always want to play with him. How cool will that be???? :)

  9. Bekah! I'm late reading this, but congratulations to you! I'm sending good thoughts and good, good wishes your way! (crackers and ginger ale work well,but also having a proteinaceous snack helped me thru my morning sickness-stuff like hard boiled eggs on toast or crackers-be well :)

  10. I love this post - Great expression on Jaco's face. Thanks for the chuckles and CONGRATS!!!


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