Thursday, May 14, 2009

Attack of the Mutant Wasp

So...I never told you that I live semi close to a nuclear power plant did I? No, really I do! I mean...I can't see it from my house or anything, but still! Look! It even had the worst nuclear melt down in the history of the United States! What a claim to fame!

It never really occurred to me to mention it before, , but it has recently come to my attention that MAYBE, just MAYBE, the radiation has affected the wildlife in our area. More specifically the bugs. I have never seen bugs this large in the United States. Thailand, yes, but the U.S? Nope. For example, we killed this monster in the office last weekend.

Keep in mind, that photo was taken after that beast was good and dead...there was no way on God's green earth I was getting close enough to snap a picture of it while it was living!

Or perhaps...could this be the dreaded African Killer Bee?? Gasp! No! But actually, I'm looking at pictures and...I mean...Maybe?

Photo courtesy of

They aren't supposed to be in Pennsylvania but stranger things have happened. It's not like they can't, you know, fly.

What do you think? Mutant radioactive bug? Or Killer bee?

I'm not actually sure which is worse at this point!


  1. Remember the huge one we trapped when we were painting our house?? It's on my flickr page!! scary!!

  2. Either way they're all scary!

  3. Eek!

    It's obviously a powerful cross between Mutant wasp-African bee with a good dose of radiation thrown in to make give them superpowers! ;-)

  4. Yuck! I know we live in the country so of course I'm gonna see some big bugs but I still don't like it. Not one bit!

  5. LOL. We live (and I work near) a nuclear cleanup site from the Manhattan Project (Hanford). Not only do we have tons of nuclear waste out there, but it's situated right near the river (scary!) I've heard stories of people finding deformed rats and wildlife out on the site.

  6. We live up the road a piece form there as well and I'm thinking bike rides there might not be a good idea anymore.
    Maybe it was just a fat farm bee?

  7. Whatever they are.... they are nasty! Yikes.

  8. Is it a carpenter bee? I know we have them really bad at our house. They actually make perfect little circles in our patio. We didn't know it was from the bees until my dad seen it. Its crazy. They don't hurt you they like wood. I am in northeast PA so it could be that!


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