Monday, May 18, 2009

A Daddy and His Boy

There is just something precious about a daddy and his baby boy. This particular daddy just happens to be married to my sister, yes, you guessed it, my dratted ol' brother-in-law Brandon.

But how can it not warm your heart to see this?

As this is the first child born to one of my siblings, it has amazed me how quickly they have all three (big brother Branson included) adjusted to life as a family of four.

Daddy's have a big job you know, they have to teach their boys to be strong compassionate men...

...also how to ride 4-wheelers at the tender age of three months.

Next up, the Harley!

Oh, and for all the moms out there that just had a heart attack at the sight of a three month old on a 4-wheeler, he drove VERY, VERY slow, and you can guarantee that Emily did not allow either of them out of her sight.

But for the record - this does NOT mean I like Brandon, just that he's an ALRIGHT dad. I guess. Don't tell him I said that, I'll never live it down.


  1. SO cute! I love Daddy and Baby pictures!

  2. I love her watchful eye. Great shots.


  3. There is something so special about a boy and his dad. I used to "correct" my son's father all the time, explaining how things needed to be done.

    It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I realized the beauty of the very different kind of love and parenting that a dad contributes.

    Love your pictures and that big mean brother in law? He sure looks like a sweetheart of a dad.

  4. So sweet! I love the see Men melt when they're with their children.

  5. I think it's better that he's covered in tattoos and so gentle with the baby! Too cute!!

  6. Glad you clarified because I totally had a heart attack! LOL

    I love Boys and Babies together!!!

  7. Children need to grow with love from their parents..


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