Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Men At Work

A few days ago my dad and brother came over to help Matt rid our backyard of some unwanted trees. It's not that we don't like trees, it's just that you could tell these were the type of trees that grew because the previous owners didn't mow the backyard.

As the boys worked, we noticed that a fourth boy seemed to be gettin' in on the action. Every time a tree would fall, my brother would use an axe to strip off the branches, then my dad and Matt would cut the trunk into wood-stove sized pieces.

As Everett was chopping the small branches, Jaco was grabbing them, moving them to the middle of the yard, and stripping off all of the branches with his teeth.

Apparently he just wanted a job all along. I'm thinking of offering him out to hire as a landscaper with a rather specific talent.

Anybody need a branch or two stripped of it's leaves by a neurotic, but adorable, mutt??

Any takers?



  1. I can't believe that's our brother!! So big!! That is what Snow does too! They can go into business together!!

  2. So cute! Was Jaco the happiest one doing all his work?

  3. He is definitely a cutie.

    Got any takers on the landscaper offers yet?


  4. Gosh your backyard is so pretty!!!

  5. Hey Jaco....your wanting to start your own tree removal business are you not. Good start Buddy!

  6. Jaco Tree Removal...kinda catchy!

  7. That adorable dog looks as if he could remove weeds and trees with his bare teeth...

  8. What a clever pup! If I had a landscaping company I would def. hire him! :)


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