Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Behold, the Glaringly White Belly

Tomorrow marks 23 weeks of pregnancy. And can I just say, I am enjoying it SO MUCH MORE now! Our little Sweet Pea is bumping and thumping around in there all the time now, and the disconnection I felt to the baby in the first few months has really eased off. It's a whole lot easier to believe there is a baby in there once you can feel it giving your kidney a swift uppercut!

And now...for your viewing pleasure...

Bam! Sorry about the funky shadow, we waited until there was no natural light left, then remembered to take the picture. Woops!

Also...someone else is finding new ways to connect to our little one still in utero.

(The plaid bump is my belly!) stinkin' cute is my baby-daddy? I can't wait to actually see him holding OUR child.


  1. Tooo cute.

    You guys are too sweet, this is wonderful.


  2. what a wonderful way to document your progress! Looks like you will have a very loving and interested hubby who will be involved with everything. I voted boy on your survey, just look at that profile! first i thought girl, but take a closer look. you both must be sooooo excited

  3. So are both going to be wonderful parents. I can not wait till the baby is here so we can see how precious he/she is.

  4. Holy Bump!

    You Baby-Daddy is seriously sweet.

  5. You look great! And your hubby is so sweet reading to the baby.

  6. That is adorable! Don't forget to play soothing music to the baby in utero too!

  7. Damn it. I just teared up at the last pic. Can you give some warning to us other preggo's first, next time? LOL

    Your bump is so adorable!

  8. Aww... you are getting a belly!! I love the picture of Matt, that's too cute!!

    And about the leaky boobs... really?! That's normal?

  9. omg i looove that picture of matt!


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