Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pay it Forward

Quite a while ago I signed up for something called "Pay it Forward" over at ColoradoLadys website. This means that she will send a handmade gift to me and two other people, and in turn, I have a year to send a handmade gift to the first three people to sign up here! interested? If you are one of the first three people to leave a comment, I will send you a handmade gift (email your name and address to, you in turn then pay it forward on your website to three other lucky people.
Take a look at the beautiful gift I received from her! How could she have known that I needed magnets for my fridge? Or that I happen to love fabric flowers? Did she intuitively know that those birds match my bedroom decor PERFECTLY? How does she do it? And do you see that little pink jar? That's lotion. Lotion that she MADE. And let me tell you smells DIVINE! I rub it on my ever expanding belly every evening.

So, if you are interested in participating in this Pay it Forward campaign, please leave a comment! If you are one of the first three, expect to see a little package from me show up in your mailbox over the course of the next year!

Oh...and just for fun, here is a photo of my nephew sitting in a wheelbarrow full of dirt.
Sometimes it's hard for me to not bite him. A love-bite. Just a little one, you know?


  1. I win! Lol! I mainly wanted to say that I love the pic of my baby boy! I would also like to add that I am signing my wife up for the pay-it-forward cause she doesn't wake up till the little ones do, and I don't blame her one bit! I just don't want her to miss out! Hope thats a legal move! :)

  2. You got some cool goodies! And a cute lil dirt lovin' nephew! I've already done the pay it forward or I would jump at the chance. Good luck!

  3. Love that picture.

    I am so challenged that no one would ever want anything that I have made... so I'll skip and leave the chance to someone else...

  4. So it would seem that no one even wants to sign up for this? I jumped on it thinking that everyone else would? Lol! Such giving and generous people in the world today?!

  5. I've been reading your blog for quite some time now and must say you're such a great writer and are going to be a wonderful mother!! I'd love to participate in the Pay it Foward if you'd let me :)

    Awesome nursery by the way!!


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