Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Tattoo

You guys are too smart! April had figured out why my husband was sporting a silky smooth leg mere minutes after I posted the picture!

Matt has indeed gotten his first tattoo! After much planning and a whole lotta talking, Brandon (that annoying old brother in law of mine who just happens to be a very good tattoo artist on the side) came over to our house and drew all over my husband.

Here is the finished product. It is a band of images representing his travels that runs around his calf, and what a fine silky smooth calf that is!
The shield in front is for the Dominican Republic, where we met and fell in love. Alright, alright, that's not entirely true. We met then, became friends, then fell in love 4 years later.
The griffins/gargoyles are from a building we saw in Barcelona, so they represent Spain, where he studied abroad and where we honeymooned. The parrot is an image taken from a necklace he got for me in Peru, where he spent some time teaching shortly after we started dating. (The red flower represents the red daisies I carried at our wedding, as well as the one red daisy he wore - awwwww he came up with that on his own). The griffin and parrot repeat on the other side to form a complete band.

And lastly, the Celtic cross is representative of the time he backpacked through Ireland.

This boy gets around huh?


  1. That's awesome that he's got almost a little "diary" of his travels...all on his leg! ;-) It came out great!

  2. What a great tatoo! So much better than a random tribal band :-)

  3. I love that--and it never occurred to me to do a travelogue of sorts.


  4. Wow, that's some major ink on that there calf! Love all the meaning behind it. Very cool.

  5. he does get better watch him! shady cat...

  6. I love tatoos with significance! And this one looks like it is chalk full of it! How cool.


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