Monday, August 24, 2009


Please excuse my absence, I find myself so tired lately, almost like the exhaustion of the first trimester (but without all the morning sickness - Thank you Lord!).
We have been up to quite a bit here in the land of Country Mouse, and I have missed sharing it all with you. Yesterday, for example, Matt and I began planning Phase 1 of our deck. Oh yes, folks, it have PHASES! You know why? 'cause we are just THAT organized. (HA...not so, it is actually in two phases because it will be HUGE, and we only have the wood to finish one part of it right now).

In roof news -- We are in the process of getting it worked on. Amazingly, the seller of the house (who is awesome) felt that since the leak was a pre-existing condition with the house, he would have it fixed. Can you say "blessing"!!?? He had one guy out to fix it, but that night it stormed and the leak was worse than ever. Tomorrow there will be someone else here to look inside the roof and see the extent of the damage (eeeek! I'm scared!). Regardless of what he finds, I am still overcome by the generosity of our seller, although Matt and I would have figured something out with the roof, we aren't necessarily in the financial position to do so. What an answer to prayer!

Our house is slowly being overrun with baby stuff, and I gotta tell you...I LOVE IT! We are 87 days away from our due date, and I cannot wait to meet this person in me! Boy? Girl? WHO ARE YOU!!??

I have been hitting up yardsales and Craigslist like a mad woman, because although I know I could register for this stuff and get a good deal of it at my baby shower, there is something about an amazing deal that I just can't pass up. For see all of this stuff? Total cost? $33.
$33? I know! The Boppy (c-shaped pillow) alone retails for more than that!

There is nothing like the thrill of a good score and an early morning yard-sale. The dew fresh on my flip-flops as my mom, sister, and I lug our treasures into the mini-van. Ahh...success!

Are you a bargain shopper? If you are...may I recommend Craigslist and Freecycle to you? Where do you find your bargains?


  1. WOW! You done good, I'm impressed with your bargain skills!

  2. Freecycle......never heard of exciting!

  3. Cute Office! I can't believe only 87 more days!!

  4. Wow, what a great seller! I'd imagine that's 1 in a 1000 (at LEAST!)

  5. Great deals, and smart of you, because you only need most of your baby stuff for a short while. What an exciting and sweet time in your life!


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