Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's Officially Over

Matt and I have had our last golden day of summer together. Today, he started teaching again, new students, new school year, new polo shirts. And as I got ready to start my day, I realized that this was the end of our last summer together that was just US.
Is it selfish of me to mourn this a little bit? I feel very torn. I can't wait to meet our child, I can't wait to introduce them to the glorious days of summer, to teach them to make mud-pie's and to slather their little body in sunscreen. But, at the same time, I know that I will miss the long evenings Matt and I spent just sitting on the porch and talking as the shadows lengthened. I'm going to miss the days where we just decided to go out on a little day trip together, our picnics, our hikes.
Life is changing, and while I am excited for that change, I am a little sad to see it come. I will forever treasure this last summer together.
I am still head over heels, giddy, and breathlessly in love with my husband, and I guess a part of me fears losing this feeling as we progress on this road called life. I know our relationship is changing, will always BE changing, but is it wrong to be a little sad right now? I feel so selfish.


  1. It's not selfish to mourn this change... but the opposite: it's quite normal.

  2. I think it's normal to feel a little sad about the changes that are coming. But there will be so many good things too!!! :)

  3. Not selfish at all-and time alone together after the baby arrives will be that much sweeter.

  4. Bekah, I read this post and could actually feel how sad you were feeling...but let me say this. You are going to be entering a new chapter in your lives, that being said...the time will GO BY SO FAST...take it for someone who knows this to be true.

    I know you feel right now that your time of being just the two of you is over, it is not, the few short years (even if now, it seems like a lifetime) your kids are home, the time will fly by and one day you will be like a house with just two dogs and a husband and wondering where the time has gone....

    oh, how I would not give to have those years back when my kids were younger, it is totally different with them gone....and it will one day be back to just the two of you.

    So don't worry too much about that, kids like day trips too, and many day trips will come about as a result of the kids....lots of fun.

    I think you might be more worried about the change...nothing will change between you and Matt, only a bit of sweetness will be added to the mix....
    take care!!

  5. Bekah, you are simply blooming! You look wonderful.

    It is not selfish, all things change, and you both have a great relationship. Children are only going to make it even better.


  6. Don't worry, those alone times are something to be cherished and looked upon fondly(and with yearning) when the babies arrive, but when you have the occasional alone time (because I'm sure your family will graciously offer to babysit overnight every once in a while) you will both appreciate it all the more.
    I miss my daughter very much, as she works away from home for months at a time. I remember how desperate I was for time alone, time with my husband, time for anything, but now I would give almost anything to have all my children home with us together. Even the sibling fighting would be almost bearable! hahaha

  7. Not selfish at all. I had these same thoughts...ESPECIALLY the last week or so before my induction date. It really hit home that teh days of just "Me and Big D" were almost over.

    Of course now that my little man is here, I LOVE our "family". It has a whole new feeling. And I swear I love my husband even more than I ever thought possible for giving me such a gift! Don't worry, it gets better and you will forget ALL about that sadness. :-)


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