Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Squawk Box: Caption This Picture

I don't know what this poor bird did to deserve a public dressing down of this magnitude.
But she went after him for a good 10 minutes one day at the beach.
Maybe he insulted her mother? Forgot to bring home the milk?
Stayed out 'til morning and came home stinking of another gull?!
What do you think she is saying here? Leave your captions in the comment box!


  1. Just because I'm not happy, DOES NOT MEAN I HAVE MY PERIOD!!!

  2. Nothing I could come up with would top your "coming home smelling like another gull" comment! The whole thing is just hysterical.

  3. The reason he smells like another Gull is the constant nagging. He must not have finished the Honey- Do list!

  4. How funny!!

    "How could you after all I've done for you?"

    Ha ha!

  5. I guess there's cheatin' ones in every species! Either that or he invited his mother over for the weekend.....


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