Monday, September 14, 2009

The Acorn

In a slight fit of nesting frenzy, last week I made the decision that I was going to make my child at least one article that was completely handmade by me and only me. Since I had learned to knit when I was younger I thought 'Perfect! Of COURSE I can knit my child a hat at least!'

Determined as I was, this was the outcome of my first attempt.
Pathetic no? I contemplated sitting this lump of yarn on my newborns head and just pretending it was a hat, but that seemed sad, ya know?

HOWEVER, I persevered, watched some youtube videos that knowledge of knitting, and tried again. And you know what?
Even if it is a little lopsided, I'm rather proud of myself!

In fact, once I mastered the basic idea of this hat, I got on such a roll that I made my nephew one as well, and boy oh boy did he look cute!
I think he looks just like an acorn. A sweet, chubby, blue-eyed acorn.


  1. So cute! It was very fitting too since it was quite chilly that morning of our attempt at a rainy day yard sale.

  2. That is SUPER cute! I love it.

  3. Too CUTE!!! I know I've been so out of the loop since Parker was'll understand soon...I hope your pregnancy has been going by smoothly. When are you due again?

  4. Oh, this is so cute!!! Good for you...I know you are proud of the hat and how cute it will look on your baby.

  5. That is too cute!

    What a great idea, can you imagine decades from now, your baby all grown up. Taking out a hat for his/her own child, and saying Mom made me this, before I was born.....


  6. I'm still amazed at your craftyness sister! And man, that kid is perfect!

  7. I sent you a friend request on fb...(I hope I have the right person) LOL

    If I do not, search Suzanne Melkoski.....and request....I am afraid I may have sent the request to the wrong person... :<

    Thanks for your comment....

  8. ADORABLE! I wish I could knit. I mean, I can knit scarves...not very GOOD scarves. But that's it. :-( I'd love to make cute baby hats!

  9. Love your hats! When my children were born, they both were given hand crocheted touques by a volunteer group at our hospital, I still have them and am keeping them to give to my grandchildren if the time ever comes. (which is hopefully far into the future)


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