Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Fight That Almost Was

Scene: Our third birthing class.

Instructor: Now, there are many different positions you can labor in, and many that you can push in as well. Just remember, the harder you push, the faster you will get to meet your baby.

Matt: (whispers softly) You're going to be so bad at that.

Bekah: WHAT?!

Matt: What??

Bekah: Did you seriously just say that? That's not funny! You are a horrible labor coach!

Matt: What? What's wrong?

Bekah: What do you think is wrong? What did you just say to me Matthew?

Matt: I have to pee so bad?

Bekah: Ooooooohhhh, nevermind then.


  1. LOL....actually, you might want to warm Matt....there may be more of these "misunderstandings" before November.....Oh, you are so funny.

  2. Ahaha I love it! Y'all are so cute.

  3. Oh my gosh....flippin hilarious! LOL!

  4. I don't mean to laugh but that is pretty funny. I think I'll print this out for my hubby as WHAT NOT TO DO.

  5. What a hoot!

    I'm sure he'll be a great coach!

  6. HAHA!!! Awesome. I can NOT believe that you are already going to your THIRD labor class. Where have I been?!?!

    I'm so excited for you!


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